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What is your NPC headcanon?

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What is your NPC headcanon?

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10.17.2012 , 11:07 PM | #21
I have found that companions mostly assert their own identity that I am inspired to see them in that light when I have invested in a companion customization package for them.

One example that brought this to light for me is Kira, who I really don't much care for (no disrespect to the writers she just doesn't jibe with my sense of my Jedi Knight, his persona or his mission. I do like exploring the story. She's just not the padawan for my knight). I also find her hair extremely distracting and irksome. So I wasn't using her as much as I might.

Once I found I had the credits to spare, around the last part of Tatooine, I took Kira back to Taris, and bought the dark-skinned, Afro-featured customization, and the NPC just popped for me.

I knew by the time I had gotten back to my ship that her name is Tulia Sorenn, and she is a Jedi Consular who partners with my knight on occasion. Sometimes she is support for his assignments, sometimes he is backup and protection for her diplomatic missions. Sometimes they operate independently.

They are not romantic partners, but are on good terms based on mutual respect for the other's strengths and dedication. It is a very egalitarian and professional relationship, and both of them appreciates their arrangement.

With this in mind, I was inspired to get Kira outfitted in level-appropriate gear (I had not previously been motivated to), and now Tulia will be accompanying my Zabrak Jedi Guardian on his adventures, at least until I feel like using T7 again.

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10.19.2012 , 11:46 AM | #22
After Akaavi joined my smugglers crew she grew closer and closer to Corso and is now staing not out of any sens of duty to my smuggler whom she finds rather dishonest and weak but rather because of the straight arrow that is Corso.
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