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The secret of of bad luck wookie!

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The secret of of bad luck wookie!

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10.14.2012 , 09:16 PM | #1
This is made up.
One day there was a smugglar walkin down the streets of Nar Shadda,looking for Bowdar,then he past a wookie.Very odd one.Had red eyes,very hairy,and small.POP! The smuggler suddely took out his gun and blaster whipped himself! Then he went on into to the Nikito gangs,not noticing he's running into enemies!He died alot and found out he had bad luck.Then he got a hollocal message from Corso,that he saw bowdar,so the smugglar went to go to the speeder.Then he crashed into a bunch of other speeders.Now the bad luck wookie lurks around the streets of Nar shadda, popping anybody by him.

By:Cloceene,Mercenanary,Level 11 , Droumond kass.

- exile_army