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So much CC in pvp

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10.11.2012 , 05:25 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthKraxos View Post
As a Mar running in pvp when my resolve bar is full force lift can still cc me, I thought i was supposed to be immune to cc when my bar is full. >_<

Along with a multitude of other cc's. I can't even seem to use my cooldown to break out of it.

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10.11.2012 , 06:26 AM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Mournblood View Post
Wrong. And again, what games are you referring to? Excluding GW2 since it just recently came out and I haven't played it, the only game I know of that had worse CC than this one was Warhammer. How'd that work out for them?

CC in GW2 is far better implemented than in SWTOR. Comparing the two, GW2 characters first of all have much more health compared to the damage classes can do, so classes survive longer and CC has less impact.
Secondly, you can actively dodge attacks including most forms of CC by double tapping one of the movement keys (there is a limit to how often you can do this, but that alone means you can negate a lot of CC)
Finally, CC is on fairly long cooldowns, and only lasts 1 or 1.25 or 1.5 or at most 2 seconds. With only two exceptions that are fear (which can last up to 4 seconds I think) and the turn-into-bird spell. (10 seconds, only CC that is over the top in GW2 atm)

And you are absolutely right about the CC in WAR...And guess what, half the WAR PvP team is now working for Bioware. Hmm...I wonder why we have so much CC
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