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Tuesday Night Semi-PUG

Solaufein's Avatar

09.21.2012 , 11:33 PM | #1
** This is NOT a Guild Recruitment Thread **

Binary Sunset is running end-game Operations on Tuesday nights. From 7:30pm - 11:00pm UK time.

This is a temporary measure ahead of patch 1.4. Basically just to keep our hand in, keep the Guild activity kicking over, gear up alts, blood new members etc, etc. Our progression / farm runs finished some considerable time ago.

So. If you're at a loose end - or your Guild has suspended raiding then please feel free to /w us on Tuesday nights. Chances are we may have a free spot. You'll be raiding with (reasonably) pleasant people, with a Mumble server, who know all the PVE content inside out. With a full team we one-shot Denova HM. Most mains are full 61 Campaign / BH geared.

** Binary Sunset is the new Guild formed by RCTS after the previous GM got bored and went back to World of Warcraft. Pandas and Pokemon. The mind boggles. **

P.S. Still struggling with Kephess HM? We'll show you how