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Remove unranked queues

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Remove unranked queues

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09.09.2012 , 09:53 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Akomo View Post
Ranked is for bragging rights and nothing more.Its what the hardcore pvpers wanted so thats what they got.Not our fault (meaning the rest of us who dont care about ranked) those hardcores left the game.
Actually, ranked SHOULD be about bragging rights and nothing more. Sadly, in this game, they even dicked that up. Ranked warzones right now are more about quicker gearing to participate in the non-ranked warzones and not get completely asshammered because you are in mostly recruit. At least in ranked warzones you expect that and get a better commendation ratio so you don't spend as much time having to bite the pillow.

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09.10.2012 , 03:31 PM | #42
You are of course assuming that the person's guild has enough people interested to actually field a team and all of them can get together at the same time. Not necessarily the case otherwise I would be doing it just to do exactly what you said get through gearing faster so I can solo PvP in non-ranked.

As long as gear is the deciding factor, followed by groups who are all on vent together, followed by who has the most heals, then it is going to be this way. going into week three being 50 on my dps sage and now have two WH pieces and the rest is Battlemaster. I stand by Gear being king I am now very competitive against folks who steam rolled me just a week ago and getting more competitive as the gear comes in. In support of my other statements we win more when three or more of us are in the group together on vent, you cannot believe how fast we can react to the fights. Plus easy wins when the group has a bunch of high healers that stay alive.

That said, ran into one team that all them were doing chain stun, you literally couldnt do anything before you went into stun then die mode. They had it down a stealther went to grass and kept two of us from capping for a minute until I caught them with an aoe and we took them out. They already had snow and thus we started behind. The group in the middle was fighting a huge stun fest and after a while they took mid. Then they came back grass and got their rears handed to them with a attack behind them on Snow and Mid and it became round robin of their large group running in a pack and the stealthers left behind doing mass stuns to keep folks from capping fast.

Good strategy, too bad you can only do it if you are Imperial side with all of the extra stuns.
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09.10.2012 , 05:09 PM | #43
No. Because of this:
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyrias View Post
Primarily, I don't think any one server has enough population running warzones regularly enough to actually match people to others of their approximate skill level.
Cross-server could fix that issue, but even then you still run into the fact that right now, those who are prepared for a hardcore session of PvP get their **** together and queue for ranked. Those who just wanna kill some other characters or earn their battlemaster jump into normal queues.It is a clear way to keep people who are looking for 2 different experiences apart as to not ruin each others day. And as much as anyone wants to protest that it doesn't work out, fact is that as long as people see it that way it kinda does.

Removing a clear definition between the 2 queues would result in the 8 man premades frequently coming across pug groups who would get absolutely slaughtered no matter what way you look at it.

Pairing up alike ratings is a good idea to mitigate the issue, but not everyone sticks with the same teams (therefore your rating and your teams rating are going to be 2 different numbers), and as mentioned above, an 8-man of ranked 1000's vs a pug group of ranked 1000's, will still result in the pug group getting rolled xD

The only way this could actually work out fairly is if you made it so that people either have to be in an 8-man to queue, or alternatively you cannot queue in groups for PvP at all. I see both ideas being extremely unpopular.
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