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copy blizz again for pvp

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copy blizz again for pvp

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08.15.2012 , 04:57 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Ssfbistimg View Post
pvp has to have its own gear. Otherwise those of us who dont raid will be at a disadvantage. PVE is boring to me. I only do PVE Dailies when I need Credits. Yes for a fresh 50 pvp can be hard...but the same can be siad about a fresh 50 doing endgame PVE. So deal with it. Grind your warhero then grind more warhero to switch out mods.
Actually it doesn't. Resilience was a half assed solution to a problem because other solutions were beyond the technical limits of the time. But in this day and age? Let me ask you something: Would it not make more sense to scrap pvp gear all together and in warzones just completely standardize stats across the board for each specialization right down to the health point? Completely removing the impact gear would have on a fight, shifting the emphasis completely to player skill? A fresh fifty and a vet in full raid gear of identical specialization would have the exact same stats, their gear being completely irrelevant.

Quote: Originally Posted by Sounders_Fan View Post
lets see; someone that pvps all day long will eventually get to war hero gear; yes? some may take a very long time others not so much; but all will get there. Now Raiders will QQ because they "have to pvp" to get gear to raid.

Expertise (or other like stats) are there to create a diffence between PVE and PVP gear. so raiders wont have a gear advantage in PVP and PVPers wont have gear advantage in raids. So it is to create two gear grinds.

is there a better way? hopefully. however I have yet seen that idea on these or any other internet forum. perhaps some dev out there will get there. and no, i dont think Anet and GW2 is that dev or game
To this, I point to the above comment.