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Who were you in SWG?

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07.27.2012 , 05:15 AM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by Ashbrewster View Post
I was HEU
LOL 5char
Hayhá - Lethality/Engineering Hybrid Sniper
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07.28.2012 , 07:22 AM | #102
Greetings friends:

Who was I? I was a friend, a guildmate and probably leaned more towards crafting then running around
with my saber. My journey began before the offical launch of Star Wars Galaxies. I was lucky enough to
be in BETA, rolling characters on the Tarquinas galaxy. My last known location was at the "finale party"
on that final night on Tattooine, where my Jedi was born.

My favorite memory? Very hard to pick but this ones "right up there".

I was logged into my second account, with my Kael (Chef/Merchant) character. (There was "TEF" back then )
I was minding my own business, trying to sell my wares on Dantooine. I sold some Mandalorian wine to an
Imperial BH and was about to head back to my shop. At the starport I was met by a Rebel Jedi, wielding a
saber! I was unarmed and had no combat training but he sliced me down! Just when I thought he was going
to death-blow me, he stopped and tried to apologize to me as he ran towards the Imperial I had just
done business with! I quickly got up and ran to the landing ship and flew away, living to craft and
sell my wares another day!

[ T.E.F = Temporary Enemy Flag. Within SWG you could change your "pvp status" basically. The Imperial was
flagged as PVP-Enabled when I traded him the wine. Because I did business with him, I was given a TEF,
which would ware off by itself in time. The Jedi got to me before it went away! ]

( Encounter managed to land my friends and I in "SOE WORLDS" magazine, see "Tarquinas" below )

I was Ussani,Modaan,Kael,Silvara,Ro'shi, starting galaxy was Tarquinas, ending galaxy was Starsider. I
will *always* be proud to say that I played Star Wars Galaxies.
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07.28.2012 , 04:30 PM | #103
Lysira @ Bria
My char was Entertainer and TKM, on the way becoming padawan in this village on I-don't-remember.
Was doing dancing in Mos Eisley and Coronet@Corellia Cantina.

Was in an Imperial Guild and City which name I don't fully remember. Something like Mos Eisligrade or similar.

I stopped playing between CU and NGE.

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07.28.2012 , 05:27 PM | #104
I was on Kauri and moved to where ever the heck they moved us I can't recall.

Yrag - Twi'lek Jedi.
Kayber - Human Smuggler
Xendar - Zab BH

I sort of remade them here lol well sort of