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are you more sith irl?and if so what made you like that?

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are you more sith irl?and if so what made you like that?

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06.23.2012 , 05:54 PM | #1
similar to my other thread but somewhat different,more like a continuation on a different note

anyways...cant really get into what made me adhere to the sith philosophy,atleast not in detail

but lets just say its very similar to a certain part of in the movie ghost he became what he is

alignment wise,i wasnt really much in either direction,but then something showed me what those who adhere to the jedi code really are...and i swore myself to the sith philosophy,and most importantly the code

so i studied history afterwards...seeing each and everytime,how those who preached good things supposidly,were hiding an infection within themselves that they intended to spread,not one of the physical,but one of the spiritual,and that this would "turn back time" in a sort of every case,humanity`s technological evolution got halted or turned back...with people needlessly suffering because of it,everytime those who preached things similar to what the jedi do,seized power

yes i realize its bizarre,but it`s out of a love for my fellow human beings that im sith in that sort of way...people like us "sith" are the only thing standing inbetween the "jedi-like" types,and the slow and painfull death of humanity and freedom

go look at your tv`s,your music and your radio shows,your towns and cities..the vibrant life and culture you see,

even people enjoying themselves fighting each other for sport in digital arenas,or even real ones

even something as simple as a family having a picnic in a park....all of that,will have its future gutted if these jedi types win...if these jedi types win,we`ll all be slavering fools,walking round like mindless zombies,letting our minds decay,letting our humanity decay thinking its right...when its not!

so spread the word if you can,amongst your freinds,amongst your family...oppose those who would steal your freedom with expressions of peace which hide the greatest evil of all,they want to exterminate your freedom,your thoughts,your humanity....

there like a cancer,they will willingly do good things to get on yourside
they will willingly investigate and persecute there own kind`s misdeeds
they will become your heros,your businessmen,your politicians
then they will start saying that the earth and animals are more important than humans,and that humans must be pushed back to save the planet
when all there really interested in if suffocating the life out of free souls
it will start with saving the planet and animals and what not...then it will move on,they will tell you love is a crime,
they will tell you merely having or thinking anger or hate is a crime,that these things will make you evil
they will fool so many people with there quisical words,when all they want is for your freinds,family,countrymen,and fellow human beings to wander along,decaying the whole way,losing there humanity as they go
they will eventually tell your that freedom is a sin and that freedom of thought is a sin,
then they will try to eliminate all remaining trace of information which would show people the truth
and all humanity will suffocate out of existence

we must hold stead fast...hold strong to our freedoms and beleifes,we must defend these things from the jedi-like persons,we must survive!

remember,even when things seem at there worst,as long as one sith is still breathing,the jedi have lost

__________________________________________________ __________________

sorry about that,got abit carried away there folks....

but yeah....

the TLDR version is pretty much the thread title

and about that miasma of a beleif...i can cite alot of good movies ive watched as some of the source

fareinheit 451(correct the spelling fo that if ya can)
demolition man
the time machine (the older version with the hand drawn cover art)
judge dredd(the movie)

also please forgive my many typos or spelling errors,ill try and correct them as i go

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06.24.2012 , 06:00 PM | #2
1.) Sith are too evil, and too fond of themselves.
2.) Jedi are too fond of themselves and their ways that they will let things transpire that they could stop, just because it's against their code.
3.) Troopers are bound by their faction's codes - a corrupt republic, yippy
4.) same for Imperial agents but racist empire for them
5.) BH are too greedy, and care little for who they kill/screw over.
6.)Smugglers are in it for a healthy retirement

Smuggler is my pick. Save up for a nice retirement, and share the rest with those that need it.

Not really what you asked, but I don't like Sith or Jedi