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Bad Customer Service Training

jsmc's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 10:09 AM | #1
I have been trying to talk a close friend into playing SWTOR. He didn't want to pay $90.00 to start playing a video game (game+60d sub) as he never plays video games, but is a SW fan. Fair enough, some people budget tightly.

Found out about the 7-day trial offer..

I phoned GO-SWTOR and spoke to a rep and asked how it worked. She told me that the game would be free to the referred player and if he wanted to continue after the 7-days, he would need to enter a CC# to start a subscription. I thought that was fantastic. I was recording the call as she confirmed SIX times over the course of our conversation that he would NOT have to purchase the game after the 7day trial. I phone him and tell him the good news, assuring him that the game would be free.

So, after 5 days of playing, his trial period ended with no option on the website to re-subscribe. I Called GO-SWTOR and after they looked into it, they said that he would unfortunately have to purchase the game and then subscribe.

This guy had a blast playing with us (myself and his brother), and now wants nothing to do with this company because there was no attempt to retain him even though their notes and my recorded call show that he was given a false "promise", so to speak. He went from non-gamer to potential MMO subscriber, back to non-gamer in 5 days. And he's the kind of guy who is leery of putting a credit card "on the internet" yet was willing to do that to sub.

He thinks he was lied to, just to get him playing and want to continue leveling.

Highly disappointed in the quality of service. How could she assure us six times of something that was completely incorrect? Bad training = Bad Customer service.. Hopefully it was an isolated incident.

That was a rant I guess, but also information for anyone who is curious about the 7 day trial.

The ups and downs with this company's service is crazy.

rjkishida's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 10:54 AM | #2
Bioware/EA has THE worst Customer Service of ANY game that I have played, and we are talking of over 25 years experience playing PC games. They are the worst of ANY tech company and that includes stinkers like Creative Labs.

Wobbles's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 11:22 AM | #3
I agree completely. Last night I opened a ticket where my character was laying on the floor as if he were dead. I had just finished clearing a mob on Corellia and my character was flat on his face, grayed out and stuck to the floor. My companion was still alive and my character was recouping health and force. I tried /stuck, Quick Travel and Emergency Fleet Pass - all of which did not work. So I opened a ticket stating what had happened. Then I decided to try logging out and back in. I get back into the game, no longer flat on my face. I get a reply to my ticket stating the I should try the following:

1.) type /stuck
2.) Use my Quick Travel
3.) Use my Emergency Fleet Pass

Do you people even READ the tickets or do you find keywords and reply with canned responses? If I were a rep, I would have said "After reviewing your case, we will forward your issue to our technical group as we do not have another solution for your situation. Sorry for the inconvenience." I would have been completely OK with that sort of response.

Shortly after, an in-game representative asked me if I was still having the problem and I said no because I logged out and then back in. The rep said "I am glad one of our solutions worked for you. Thank you for playing Star Wars, The Old Republic..."

Aside from the NUMEROUS bugs with this game since Beta, it's frustrating enough that I open at least 1 ticket every day I play post Beta. But communication with Customer Service is probably the most frustrating of all. In my case, reading is fundamental. And even there, BW is very lacking.

Nuggzmom's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 11:24 AM | #4
I think most of the players agree that the customer service is lacking. However, while they told you that he wouldn't have to pay for the game to subscribe afterwards, I really think you should have known better. All these games require you pay for "the install process" or the physical/digital media first before you can normally subscribe, these guys really give nothing for free, geez...ya don't even really get what you pay for...customer service should be included and as you don't really exist... the game should work, but for a lot it don't...

As far as I know, software is the only business that don't have to provide something for the money you spend. If you buy the game at a store and install and it don't work...they won't take it back unless you yell loud enough to discourage other customers from buying.