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Some ideas for the crafting system

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Some ideas for the crafting system

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05.10.2012 , 01:44 AM | #1
I have played SWTOR since launch, left for a month due to finances then came back. I love how BIOWARE has reinvented the story driven game. But as most of us realize, crafting is subpar at best. BIOWARE please take the time to look at the crafting system in LOTRO. Im not saying copy it, but use it as inspiration. The best armor, weapons and such are all player made. The ingredients still require you to raid for them, and you can level your weapon through a point system in place. Crafters are needed to "reforge" your weapons into something better. And they have a guild system in place for crafters that takes time to advance in ranks, but you can learn special recipies to craft. It is not a free for all crafting system. The really good equipment has lockout timers to prevent you flooding the market with items. the point syastem also allows some individuality in what each weapon does. Star Wars lore is full of characters who have customized thier weapons or paid someone to do it. Also the ability to craft NO DROP items for other players in a window so it is bound to the player requesting it would be nice. EQ2 has a system for that. With all the leagcy stuff you are doing what could be more legacy than epic crafted weapons and armor that is passed down. Also as you level you kind of outgrow your epic weapon as you become more proficient with it. This makes replacing weapons throughout the game a must. Just a few ideas to think about.
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