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Player as a Crew Skills Trainer...

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Player as a Crew Skills Trainer...

timlygrae's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 06:23 PM | #1
An interesting idea occurred to me today...

What if Players could train to become Trainers of their Crafting skill? I'm leaving out Gathering and Missions skills, there's just no point. Just the Crafting skills.

So, first you reach 400 in, say, Biochem. Then a quest line becomes available to you from any NPC Biochem trainer where you are rewarded with the ability to train up to certain levels of Crafting skill at each section of the quest. The only things you would be able to train are the Premium Schematics. The individual you train would have to RE their own Prototype and Artifact schematics, the same way you did.

This would add another layer of sociability to the game and offer a convenience to players and an opportunity for a little extra income for the Trainer.
"If it's worth anything, It's worth having. Unless taking it's gonna get me killed."

Serbegorn's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 06:58 PM | #2
lol wat?

evanfardreamer's Avatar

05.09.2012 , 10:36 PM | #3
This idea reminds me of the old apprentice system in Galaxies - where if you were far enough above the other player in the same skill, you could actually serve as their trainer, assuming they had the XP to learn said skills. Except languages, you could teach all of them to everyone.