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Bio Chemists, What do we want?

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Bio Chemists, What do we want?

hyuplee's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 07:36 AM | #31
I seriously believe that reusable stim/adrenal should be tradable, but at higher cost. That is not to say you can sell ur rakata stims, no no. What needs to happen is, reusable needs to be more accessible but at the same time take more materials to make, so they can fetching a higher price on GTN. Rakata stims will still require biochem to use, but make it slightly more powerful so people have incentive to work for it.

I tell you know I would pay 100k for a lvl 48 reusable might stim, and I'd pay it gladly. I know I'm not the only one.

Back on topic, you guys are discussing what biochem should get in the future. I say more implants and more consumables should be suffice. You are biochemist, asking for anything beyond your field of research would be like me, a cybertecher, asking to make a lightsaber switch that changes the colour of your lightsaber.

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05.03.2012 , 07:52 AM | #32
I wouldnt mind it at all to develop a market for reusables. Currently the only market are for Bio's whom do not want to RE or spend time to farm or purchase the ( usually cheaper to buy off the market unless you farm all the mats)Mats to make them. Rakata's could stay BOP would be fine
by me....

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05.03.2012 , 02:13 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by hyuplee View Post
I dont understand.
What are you guys complaining about?

You guys have biochem, one of the most popular and useful crew skill pre and post 1.2. Sure you guys were nerfed but people still take biochem because its the only crew skill that allows em to craft and use refusable stims. You also get to craft implants and med pac, both are very important to a character doing raids and pvp.

What do Biochemist want?
You want for nothing compare to crew skills like cybertech, imo.

Implants: takes up 2 slots therefore is relatively useful till you get your pve/pvp ones, you can crit it and get augement slots

Reusable Med: Useful in most situation, money saver

Reusable Stim: Useful in most stiuation, big money saver

Reusable adrenals: not as powerful as pvp adrenal but the fact its reusable, big money saver

that's just the ones I know about.

What does Cybertech get?

Armoring and mods - completely useless since there's already armor sets for pve and armor sets for pvp. Pvp you can buy (recruit armor). Pve you can make do without terribly good ones.

Droid part - useless for the most part. How many droid companions are there? like 3.

Vehicles - cost more to make than sell. Hot Rigg cost about 110k to make (Dalborra, combined crafting material cost) but only goes for 100k on gtn and people rarely buy them.

Earpiece - relatively useless as it is only 1 slot (unlike implants which take 2). Make do with blue or crappy purple ones you can buy from gtn for 20k until get better ones from pve and pvp venders.

Ship Parts - relatively useless since most people on the server only do space mission for fun and won't invest big money on ship parts (unless they're terribly rich... and stupid . The ship parts on gtn are all on sale for 40k at best because no one buys them.)

Grenade - the last time i saw someone using grenade in wz was 2 weeks ago. They're only good for cc and you buy the blue ones cheapily for that. There's no use trying to jack the price up because its something most people can make do without, unlike stims.

In shorts, Cybertech has no useful skills and they can only crit craft 1 gear which takes up 1 slot only. All other crafting skills are useful now because they can crit craft - even armstech. Cybertechers can't even make augements.

It is a crew skill that's only useful for gearing up your alt - which you don't need to as you can just collect comm and make do with the gears u get from commedation. So really, biochemist, you should be grateful for what you have because at least your crew skill is useful.
im the OP, im not complaining was simply asking for a discussion.
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05.08.2012 , 05:16 AM | #34
What kills me is how ALL the crying crafters are REALLY missing the boat. At lvl 44 I was looking to twink my Shadow last night and there was NOTHING to be had in terms of mods, ehancements, armoring or ear pieces. There were great DPS and Tank implants on the GTN...oh wait, I made those, but that was it.

Stop whining about 50 and make your money from 20 to 48 like EVERY other crafter is doing.

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