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Biochem, Diplomacy, Bioanalysis problems

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Biochem, Diplomacy, Bioanalysis problems

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05.07.2012 , 11:35 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Diegles View Post
Sorry for opening an old grave, but just want to post my concern and ask a question.

Been raiding since 29th of January 2012, 2 8mans since mid-march, clearing normal/hard and some times nightmare.

Our guild basically consists of 4/5th Biochems, the rare occasions we have someone not biochem in the raid, they don't want the schematics from the bosses in EV/KP, because they are useless for the most part.

We(the guild) after all this raiding has gotten 3 exotech schematics, all 3 were Exotech Absorb Adrenal.
Occasionally in 1.1 we got Unassambled Implants 3 times more often the exotech schematics for biochem, however nobody ever wanted these.

now to my main issue. Since 1.2 my guild still run 2 8mans, clearing EV/KP, 1 group Hard mode, other Nightmare every week, then go Explosive conflict which we clear on story and currently are progressing through Hardmode. We havn't found 1 item drop, from any trashmob in any operation since 1.2, not a green item, not any random Schematics, no nothing, only credits(not that this is bad, but something other then credits would be extremly usefull).
I would appreciate if you look into transfering over the old 1,1 loot to trash in EC, or Exotech stims dropping with a equal consistancy from bosses(as the armormech/synthweaving schematics do in EV/KP), since obviously these are the best stims currently (un?)available in the game.

What I am wondering is, have any other guilds gotten anything other then credits drop from trashmobs since 1.2, in any operation?
I have yet to see any exo schems drop from anything. Also, trash mobs I haven't seen drop anything since 1.2 either.

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05.08.2012 , 02:12 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by ZucriyLyhdnamm View Post
Sorry, but some of the problems with Biochem and its affiliated skills is bull, and should have been fixed a long long time ago.

--**-**--Biochem: Stims / Potions at endgame level (highest trainable, were EXCLUDING the reusables, obviously) all use grade 5 mats.

Do you realize how garbage this is? Slicers want to lower their income gains by going down to grade 5 slicing to get your missions so you can get the mats? NOT!!! Forget about it, your screwed.

Easy fix: Make them use grade 6 mats. Easy as crap.

Also easy fix: Make diplomacy missions have a chance to drop a schematics for level 50 stims/potions that are in between Exotech / Hyper-battle that use grade 6. Problem solved.

ANOTHER easy fix: MAKE EXOTECHS DROP MORE OFTEN! Guess what? I've been raiding for four months, clearing all content EVERY WEEK. Normals and Hardmodes and Nightmares, and out of our whole guild (we raided 2 8ms, and now 16ms) we have 3 total exotech stim drops, and two of them were the same one!!!! Long story short, we're mad about this BioWare, fix it PLEASE!

__*8-8*___ Bioanalysis: Red Goo.

Wow BW, you really borked this one. Made Red Goo grade 6, apparently it was always intended to be??? Whatever. It still DOES NOT drop from the Grade 6 Bioanalysis missions, so fail BW. AND! It still is required in the grade 5 mat-using potions, which breaks the game completely by making us have to farm mats from grade 6 and grade 5, doubling our work (and since grade 6's are practically useless, we build up a huge stock of WORTHLESS!!!!) Thanks BW. Thanks a lot.

How to fix it?? SIMPLE! Make red goo rewarded from Bioanalysis grade 6's. And remove it from the potions that are grade 5. Forget that, add more grade 6 to the potions/stims, remove the grade 5's. Please.

----<*^*>---- Diplomacy: No schematics from our mission skills, useless prototype mats, overused artifact mats

This is frustrating more than it is broken, but hear me out.

Radioactive Paste, grade 6 artifact material, is used for a lot of things, its very important. That makes it expensive. Problem? Not really by itself, the problem comes when you consider the item that you get roughly ten times of while trying to get it. Smart Cells. Grade 6 prototype grade material, useless. Oh, technically it has uses. Just not for any actual endgame goods. It crafts prototype grade implants that you learn from RE'ing premium implants. You'll make, oh, maybe 6 of these total, as Biochem, if you make a few for alts. Maybe a couple more if you make some from your friends alts too. After that, worthless.

Then, Biochem doesn't give schematics like other mission skills. This is annoying. But it gives light/dark points, you say? Who cares. That makes it more annoying... at endgame levels, you want materials, so you do both kinds of missions, making you toggle off and toggle on your endgame alignment title... FRUSTRATING, if you use it, that is...

Easy fix: Make potions/stims use grade 6 materials, so the Prototype Hyper-Battle Stims / Prototype Ultimate Medpac use Smart Cells. See above.

Alternately easy fix: Make a new grade 6-using stim/potion set in between Exotech and Hyper-Battle to use this material. See above, again.

You guessed it, third easy fix: Make exotech's use Smart Cells instead of Radioactive paste. All you have to do is make them make one stim at a time instead of 3, then its fine. Besides, they are prototype level stims that use artifact level materials, doesn't that already break your crafting rules a little BioWare? Yes, I think it does.... odd. FIX!


Don't care. Go back and read it. Its important. Most of it is head scratching, how stupid it is that it isn't already fixed.

I spent a good 10 minutes explaining it to my non-biochem guildies, they were confused, and mad too. Other crafters don't have these problems. Please fix it BioWare, we beg you.

Bump if you agree, Biochem and affiliated skills need to be adjusted to properly fit the game...
Or, stop being lazy and farm Voss. You'll come away with 100+ Quick Growth Agents in an hour.

As for red goo and the rest, what are you expecting, 100 grade 6 yeilds per mission?

But then again, you seem lazy enough to not do that and instead post a long winded BS post about how the game should suit what you want.

Earn your cash mate.
The tenets of the Sith are more than just words to be memorised. Learn them, understand them. They will lead you to the true power of the Force; the power of the dark side.

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05.08.2012 , 02:22 AM | #13
Your post is excellent.

But I really don't like your tone or writing style. Hear me out, I think all of your points are dead-on and are very strong, but your writing style seems more hostile and I just have a feeling it'll fall on deaf ears because it's not well written, even though they're all absolutely true.

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05.08.2012 , 02:38 AM | #14
As A biochem, I would like some kind of schematic that contributes to the PvP world. All of the other Profs got Orange crit craft gear to produce. Are Custom Crafted Implants too much to ask? What about the Warzone Medpacks and Expertise Adrenals? How about a crack at making those bad boys?

No one seems to buy adrenals or Stims anymore.