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6-6 tie in Voidstar.......

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6-6 tie in Voidstar.......

Glimmerstrike's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 05:00 PM | #1
when we had 13 seconds left i.e.. we were 13 secs faster and we lose.

How is that tie when we did it in less time?

Any answer from BioFail on this? WAI most likely,, lol
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Unfactioned's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 05:39 PM | #2
Bioware has no answer as they are not even sure themselves. It seemed for the longest time that a TIE went to first defenders. Then Bioware said it was who got the FIRST door fastest. Then they changed it in 1.2 to where the game ends as soon as the second attackers progressed further in less time wins (Team A defends on first doors successfully, then Team A capped first doors, ending game early) leading to the believe that in a round where both teams reach the datacore, the fastest team wins. This would seem logical, but this is a game where after MONTHS of closed and open beta, this game was released with more bugs than Skyrim.

Take Huttball for example. Bioware "confirms" that a pass is caught by the player closest to the center of the pass circle, who is NOT stunned. I've seen passes caught by stunned players, I've seen passes caught by players on the outer edge of the ring with 2-3 others closer to the center. I've seen players catch a ball well outside of the pass ring while others were in it. I run with less than 70 latency, it doesn't make THAT big of a difference to see players that far out of position. Bioware has no idea how most of their mechanics work, yet they claim they do, then ninja patch it without telling anyone as they cannot own up to their mistakes.

I STILL get stunned (not Sage/Sorc Resolve ignore CC) with full Resolve, I still get knocked back/pulled with full resolve.

And DPS specs have more and better tank CDs than Vanguard/Powertech TANKS. This game had so much hope, but with issues like these, paired with a company that LOVES to lie to paying customers, it just can't be the next great MMO.