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How come I can ROFL stomp Ops/Scoundrels?

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How come I can ROFL stomp Ops/Scoundrels?

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04.25.2012 , 11:49 AM | #191
Quote: Originally Posted by Xaearth View Post
Actually they did the 50s bracket and removal of buff stacking (warzone adrenal + warzone buff) in 1.1.0 first, then within less than 24-48 hours the PTS was updated with the nerfs to Concealment/Scrapper.

If you do a bit of digging, you'll see that 1.1.0 was released on 1/18/12, and people already had the PTS notes for 1.1.1 by 1/20/12.

That's why it was obvious to everyone and their grandma that the metrics were a load of crap, as they announced and updated the PTS with the Op/Scoundrel nerf, which means it had already been developed and gone through QA, before there were any significant metrics at all.
Yeah. That's right. How could they do any metrics on what damage scrappers were dealing after the buff stacking was taken out.

Of course, that patch just made the stun luck worse to some people. The surge nerf hit pretty hard too, and that was only a few weeks later if I remember correctly. I'm still kind of annoyed by that, because stacking surge is basically pointless once you hit about 75%. (800 surge rating = 80%. 600 surge rating - 80%. 200 surge rating = 70%. How is that even balanced to other stats like power with hardly any diminishing returns.)

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04.25.2012 , 12:32 PM | #192
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04.25.2012 , 04:16 PM | #193
Quote: Originally Posted by Reldan View Post
It's funny that someone upthread mentioned the basic attack during CD periods. I remember getting into a discussion in my guild about rotations and they all thought it was odd that I had the basic attack on my toolbar. At the time I hadn't started any alts and didn't realize that no one else was using basic attacks at all.
I have the basic attack on every char except Sage/Sorc. For trooper/BH/Agent/Smuggler, it's useful when you're managing energy (NOT when you're 'out' - if you regularly run out, you're managing your energy poorly). For Cdo/Merc, your basic attack is integral to your healing spec (though not, perhaps, in PvP). For JK/SW and Assassin/Shadow, it's useful when you're out of energy. For Sage/Sorc? If you've run out of energy, you have no business running into combat and swinging your glowly stat stick.
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