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Horrible Lag / FPS and Jittering on HIGH end pc

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Horrible Lag / FPS and Jittering on HIGH end pc

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04.23.2012 , 06:55 PM | #1
Hope someone can help me here. Here is my rig:

Windows 7 64bit
Asus Rampage IV Formula
32gb G.Skill Ram
ATI XFX 7950 Black Editions in Crossfire
27" HP Monitor

1) My inernet connection shows EXCELLENT on the desktop but in game it goes down to 1 bar or red X
2) When im walking around it is very jittery and stutters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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04.23.2012 , 06:58 PM | #2
What FPS are you getting and where?
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04.23.2012 , 07:05 PM | #3
I aMm currently in the Sith Academy getting less than 20fps. Going outside did not help. Just as bad.

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04.23.2012 , 07:26 PM | #4

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04.23.2012 , 07:54 PM | #5
Having lag issues myself, haven't found a fix yet for that. As for the frame rate issue, do the usual check for driver updates and make sure you have triple buffering on in your video card software as well as v-sync in the game menu.

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04.23.2012 , 07:57 PM | #6
Also crossfire/SLI sometimes causes jitters so try disabling crossfire while playing see if that helps your cards should be plenty powerful enough to run the game with just one.

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04.23.2012 , 08:15 PM | #7
My personal preference for "messy" SLI/Crossfire setups is that if you do have problems with a setup like that is to try to set the rendering mode to AFR/Alternate Frame Rendering

This basically means that each card works on alternate frames, and not both cards work on the same frame at the same time.

I have seen *multiple* games/setups that have had frame issues with SLI/Crossfire enabled not have them with this rendering setup.

It isnt perfect (sometimes the problem is deeper than just changing a setting), but it does work most of the time.
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04.23.2012 , 08:57 PM | #8
Hey mate I aksed about this jitter gfx lag yesterday and some said make sure your cpu cores ain't parked when playing games etc. I have a 8120 AMD and 4 out of 8 of my cores were parked! So I did that reg tweak to makes all my cores work at anytime and it fixes the jitter for me mate.....mind you I had jitter at 110fps on high and not 20 fps.

Just google it and you will find the regedit tweak.