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Crafting Missions with diminished returns?(diplomacy)

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Crafting Missions with diminished returns?(diplomacy)

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04.23.2012 , 08:13 PM | #1
I have noticed that as of 1.2 many of the ranks for crafting missions are not yielding rich or bountiful yields. The one big case I am noticing is that with Diplomacy, the Rank 2 materials rarely have abundant yields. Most of the time it is either 5 missions of companion gifts or on occasion I will get a moderate yield. Considering Diplomacy materials for medical supplies can only be gained by sending out missions, this is pathetic. This is game breaking to those who want to craft and focus mainly on that side of the game. Prior to 1.2 I could spend 2 hours and get about 150 rank 2 medical supplies. Now it is close to 5 hours to obtain 99. How is this working as normal? Look into this because I have seen rich missions for some other mission oriented crafting skills such as slicing, but diplomacy has no such thing happening now.