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04.13.2012 , 09:52 PM | #1
Other then a lot of servers being underpopulated or severe faction imbalance (which 1.2 has made worse if anything), can someone please tell me...

..what was so wrong with PvP pre 1.2 that warranted you even trying to change it so much, let alone screw it up to the extent you have done.

It seems on most servers the gap is widening more and more each hour as Imp players get their new gear while Rep players earn next to nothing and watch countless numbers of players leaving WZs mid games.

I cannot see me playing my level 50 (rank 71 Valor for the little that is worth, though no problem with that) again in PvP until we have something resembling pre 1.2 WZs back, where players could live longer then 3-5 hits, the fights over objectives were often long and intense, and everyone felt like they had a role to play when striving for a win.
Trask Ulgo