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Must accept nerfs...then let us change AC

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Must accept nerfs...then let us change AC

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04.13.2012 , 01:04 PM | #21
Well, OP. I'll give you props for at least being up front about it.

That said, you KNOW that if you can change your AC, they will just nerf that too, right?

Seriously, though. BioWare has fallen into the "nerf trap" which so many other games have also done. Instead of making other classes as much fun to play, or able to keep up with the "uber" class, they nerf that one down to nearly unplayable sometimes. Also, having looked at the Healing "nerfs", they aren't that bad. Adapting should be relatively simple. Now if only they would rebalance some of the solo content bosses down from "sheer luck or bring friends" to more like "a good challenge".
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