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Possibilities of the Lacking Community

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Possibilities of the Lacking Community

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04.05.2012 , 10:04 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by sinfulheart View Post
To put it simple SWTOR is nothing more than a 1 player mmo. Once you get threw your story you can do a little pvp and maybe a raid if you can find the people.So really once you have played a class to 50 you may as well roll a new toon.Also once you have leveled the classes you liked to 50 and none of the other story's interest you its time to move on to a new game.Look at the new patch coming out. Basically your going to get some new raids that you can try if you can find a group to go with and you get some new war zones.....hmm they are adding stuff like guild banks,legacy roll playing stuff basically junk that has no point. I mean wow I get a buff woo-pie doo or i can level a republic toon that's sith big deal I can make a sith on the imp side join a bg and leave and have all kinds of buffs. Its easy to see this game is lacking just by the way they do things. I mean no guild banks when game comes out.The gear looks like crap and the new sets look just as bad.Theirs nothing for a player who doesn't want to raid or pvp to do I mean theirs nothing hard for you to get or earn. For example if you wanted like say a rare light saber crystal you could farm fragments for it and that could take a long time to get. so it would be a rare reward to be proud of and it should have the stats to match. Then when your bored and cant find a raid and don't wanna pvp theirs some cool stuff to do.No where in this game Sept for the fleet do you really see other players.When this game was shown on TV i thought it was going to put me right in the middle of the war between the sith and Jedi lol what a joke.Their customer service had better start listing to you guys on the forms or this game is doomed.
Wouldn't it be ironic if that "junk", as you so kindly put it, brought in millions of players? You're just a bit spoiled because back in WoW you already had all the stuff. But at launch, it couldn't have been perfect. Trust me, i've done my research. IMO, if it launched today, it would have done terribly. SWTOR has better graphics, storyline, and gameplay.
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04.05.2012 , 03:38 PM | #12
It's not complicated..... We have to many servers.....

How else would you explain such low populations in any given zone at a time and 1.7 million active subs?? Everything else can be worked in ex: hubs for each planet/galaxies linked via world chat and a lfg tool...........

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04.05.2012 , 05:14 PM | #13
To Chat or not to Chat, that is the question.

Why someone does or does not interact within the SWTOR community, can be for any reason. We cannot make eye contact, nor make judgements on the feelings of the player by the actions of the character. We don't know if a person is struggling with the game or just bored silly. So we need a way to determine a person's mindset as well as let other's know ours.

The LFG concept seems to have limited itself on how it is used.

If the LFG was used and the player was more specific with what they are actuall looking for in the comment section, this would be a simpler solution than waiting on BW to have a 1.3 release fix for it.

Having the LFG icon next to your name is saying (I'm open to play/interact with others) and adding the specfics in the comment section will state ( This is what I want to do), So when I see your character, I can at a glance see what "mood" you are in.

Such as "Looking for a Guild", "New Player, need help". "this is an alt", "Need help with a quest", "To do Heroics". "looking for a questing partner".ect...

I would perfer a player say "skilled/serious players only" , or just simply "Leave me alone I am trying to figure out how to get a datacron."

So the next time you find yourself standing beside someone with a LFG icon showing, check it out to see their may find a commuinty.

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04.05.2012 , 05:47 PM | #14
I agree with the op. The glitz and glam of the MMORPG genre has pretty much reached it's peak. Back when the first graphical MMO's hit the scene it was so exciting and fresh. They not only provided entertainment, but engrossed us in social interaction that was pretty limited during that time period.

Now we have twitter and facebook and the MMO's keep advancing in terms of graphics, but not much has changed in terms of overall gameplay. I also believe that the attention span of most gamers has dwindled and they are always looking for the next best thing to come out. Unfortunately, there are so many coming out, that we are always seeking that next big thing.

I have fun playing SWTOR, but there is nothing revolutionary about it other than the full voice acting and an actual storyline for each class. In the end it's just like most of the other MMO's. PVE, PVP, RAID, click icons, kill things.

I think this is why so many MMO's have become F2P.