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Question about Dps dummies in 1.2

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Question about Dps dummies in 1.2

EvilBoots's Avatar

04.05.2012 , 08:00 AM | #1
I read that there will be a chance to try out your dps on practice dummies for every level char at certain locations. So the question is, how the hizzy am i supposed to know what my actual dps is if there is no damage meter implemented into the game? The dummies should come with a damage meter of some sort, just a suggestion. And im guessing many people would agree, we need some damage meters.

uniz's Avatar

04.05.2012 , 08:58 AM | #2
it is hard to answer your question without knowing how they work. for example do the "dummies" die like the ones in eq2 which would make your answer easy or do they keep rehealing like the ones in rift?

also i will refrain from commenting anything about dps meters. people are rather strongly divided on the issue and there are several threads already on that subject.

besides you will have a combat log to look at which for the clever can answer this question regardless of the type of dummy. it is just easier if it dies is all.

EvilBoots's Avatar

04.05.2012 , 12:49 PM | #3
The reason im curious is because you realistically will not know how your damage is in dps terms while using the dummy. I doubt it will be killable. There would be no point to having it. But then again why have an ukillable dummy, if you cannot see how your damage is on your marauder vs sorc. I havnt read the forums much so i dont know who is saying what about dps meters. The only people i would see complaining about them would be the ones who slack off in flashpoints and other things.

But actually, i believe that the damage on the characters atm is unbalanced, so they will not give an addon out that shows the divide because they are saying how they want all classes to have balanced dps. I really do not see a problem with having a damage meter. It actually helps me do better. without one, i see people in my flashpoints slack off. with it i can tell em to get their **** together.