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Ridiculous Server capacity's? and wrong wait times?

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Ridiculous Server capacity's? and wrong wait times?

xparkox's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 12:16 PM | #1
Ok so around 3:45pm GMT I log off from the game "Legions Of Lettow EUPVP" to go run to the shop I come back 4:20PM GMT to be greeted with a 1hr queue time... what the hell there are 25 severs showing up right now that have over a 30 minute wait time and more that have between 10-20 minutes why are the server capacitys so low! the game isn't even in full release yet... also to another point is that I joined that queue at 4:30pm placed at roughly 980 in queue it is now 6:15pm GMT and I am 633 in queue.. so thats almost 2 hours waiting and i am 1/3 through the queue... this is ridiculous... I feel if this carrys on then I will be cancelling my pre order.