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Lightside, darkside, neutral?

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Lightside, darkside, neutral?

Lheim's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 07:07 AM | #11
Most moral dilemna situations that reward light/dark tend to only have a couple possible outcomes. Either you shoot the kid or not, y'know?

Pick your moral stance. Don't go for the points. Honestly, it's much funner if you try to roleplay it a bit - my smuggler's in it for the credits, or my bounty hunter never leaves a contract undone, etc, etc.

That said.. neutral gear rewards aren't in, just now. They are planned.
Endgame gear grinds are not the way.

Gitaelia's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 04:59 PM | #12
I played my BH in test as an RP experiment. She was totally about credits and what moved her in the moment. She might agree to a deal with some sleazy guy for some credits, but backstab him later to help a cuter guy. It often had nothing to do with the outcome of the mission at all. And I found that she was almost perfectly neutral at the end of my testing sojourn. So, I do think this is an entirely valid path that can work fine within the current constraints of the game. However, I can tell you I'm not starting with a BH character in RP mode when I create my first character shortly because I would be bent when I got up high enough for alignment based armor/weaponry and discovered that I couldn't get anything.

Han Solo is a great example of an in-game neutral character. Good wasn't the point for him. There were actually a lot of characters that were more chaotic neutral in slant in the stories. You don't have to be absolute good or absolute evil to be true to the franchise.