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Marriage and kids?

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02.22.2012 , 09:12 PM | #41
Me and Elara? I guess, she actually would be able to raise kids, unlike those people with other companions, she actually would be able to raise a family.

Well, i wouldn't have a kid until AFTER the war though. I mean, running through artillery fire with Aric, blasting the Imperials with my assault cannon while hearing "daddy, daddy, jump the fence!" with the kid on my back.

But, if there was a kid, I would tell him "take cover, aim this sniper rifle at the guys shooting at me, remember, every Imperial you kill, M1-4X gives you a peice of candy!"

But, having a kid could spark like some quest "bonding anyone?" And you could either build a jerk-like or awesome realationship with the kid.

If he liked you enough and after enough time, then you could get him for combat.

Like for troopers, Aric doesn't count as a sniper, so he could take his place?

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02.22.2012 , 10:36 PM | #42
I was REALLY surprised when Andronikus said he wanted kids. Seriously, a dark-sided pirate king wanting kids? Who'da think it? That said, I can imagine he'd be a great dad once he got over the shock of realizing "Oh, good God, I have a child."

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02.23.2012 , 12:44 AM | #43
Only know T7 and Kira really well so far, but from what i heard about my other compaions I think it would work out like this for my Guardian:

Kira would be a good mom once she settled into the role (being a mom tendsot change a woman form what I here, so Kira might be a little less of a rebel once she become a mom i would think)

T7 and the droid that came with my shop would be the R2 and 3PO duo (T7's tanking abilty making him a good protectos I would think and the other droip would be a 'nanny')

Doc would probably be good care taker for the kid once the grond rules were set by Kira and me (being a doctor make it easy for me and kira to keep the secret drom the Order as well lol!)

Rusk I'm unsre of, his bio implies he wins at all costs when it cme to the Imps, but is aso a loyal kind of person so it might depends how well me and him mesh through out the journy (he would make a good bodyguard for the kid or kids I think)

Scourage is the only big issue among the Knights, as i saw a youtube vid about his story arc and one comment he made said he would see the 'mistakes' that were made in my training would not be reapted with my children so thter might be a small war breaking out on my ship with me and Kira on one side and Scourage on the other.

If he can be dealt with and is still breathing when the fight is over, he might be good extra protector of the kids for at least the short term (long term is a big question)

Now as for the kid him or her self, that would be scary, two powerful force users for the parents would mean a good chance of powerful force talents and who knows what skills if trained by me and kira (and Scourage if he can be 'leashed') and any other skills gained by the other crew memebers
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02.23.2012 , 10:57 AM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by Cythereal View Post
Ensign Temple I could see being a good mom, although a kid would be an additional target for enemies to go after (and if you haven't played the IA story, old enemies do come after you and those close to you) and it would probably mean pulling her off spy duty for a while.

Kaliyo? Uh, I think she's in it for the sex. I'd imagine she'd probably abort any pregnancy.

Malavai would probably be a good father. Raise the kid to be a model of Imperial virtue and dignity, and ship em off to Dromund Kaas for officer's training or Korriban for Sith training depending on whether they're Force-sensitive or not.

Lieutenant Pierce, if he got the Sith Warrior pregnant... I would think he'd be a rather distant father, referring to the kid as the Warrior's little brat, but might be rather proud if the kid does well or beats up all the other kids on the playground.

Dark Jaesa... a model DS Sith parent, in all likelihood. Turn the kid into mommy's darling little villain-in-training, and be so very proud as the kid plots and murders their way through Sith training on Korriban.

Mako, I could see being a good mother. Mommy plays tech/intel support with the kid in her lap while daddy kicks ***.

Torian explicitly states that he wants to raise any kids he has with the BH as Mandalorians. Probably a good father if you're on board with the Mandalorians.


From the characters I have created, I imagine Malavai would raise or want his child to join the Imperial Military or Sith hierarchy... the only problem is, I could not see my Light Sith Warrior necessarily automatically agreeing with that.

Which is one of the main reasons she is not romancing him. (The other being he is a man.)

With Doc, I imagine he'd make a terrific dad in the sense that he would be open, dedicated to his child's needs and maybe even teaching "the scamp" a few tricks or two.

However, despite the fact that my Jedi Knight is loyal to the Order and won't marry him- even if they did somehow find a way to have a child, what if the child is Force-sensitive? (In all odds s/he would be, what with his/her mother (or father if Knight is male) being so strongly connected to the Force.)

As much as Doc would have the right not to want or allow his child to be trained in the Jedi Order, the child's mother has just as much right (if she wanted) to have the child placed in the Order's care.

And with Mako (my only male RP character is the Bounty Hunter only because I LOVE the voice acting)- I think she would make a terrific mom. I could see her gushing over her child/ren with tales and stories of the adventures and exploits she went on with their father.

... Problem is, my Bounty Hunter's character is kinda the Lone Gunmen. He likes Mako, enjoys her company, and they have a relationship that's beyond just pure profession... but in the end he doesn't see himself being tied down in marriage.

I think that, if he chooses to become a Mandalorian (I haven't finished the Chapter One arcs yet), maybe he will slowly consider marrying and starting a family. 'Til then, it's just him, himself and his blasters.


I imagine it would be cool if, in later game content, you could actually play a character who (if you tie them under a Legacy name) is somehow related (either biologically or through relationship wise) to your original characters.

For example; say I allowed my Jedi Knight, Legacy name Shevani, to marry Doc and have children. In a future expansion, maybe I could play a Jedi whose training a Padawan with the Legacy name Shevani, but it won't deliberately tell me the Padawan is my Knight's child- only hint at it. (By having the child be Miraluka, or having black hair like his/her father.)

Or, if you make a character different class under the Leagcy name (say, my Knight again) maybe you interact with that character? Like, I could roll another Smuggler, who ends up partnering and/or working with briefly a Jedi or field Medic with the last name Shevani, and the person could reference being a doctor/Jedi because they wanted to follow in their parent's footsteps.

... I don't know. There are so many possibilities, though.
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02.23.2012 , 11:06 AM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by Wynternight View Post
"Bad girl, how many times do I have to tell you we do not use lightning on kitty!"
These ideas are fun, but this comment wins. I will still be laughing about this for a awhile.

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02.23.2012 , 11:30 AM | #46
Images of the spouses teaching their kids "skills" are now floating through my head...

Mako: "Okay, honey, now when you want to hack into government bases, you have to remember that they're always double encrypted..."

Malavi: "Alright, you seem to have memorized how to properly address all of the Sith Lords. Now let's move on to- don't you DARE set me on fire again!" (I think he'd secretly be a hard-***, despite the SW being in charge.)

Corso: "Now, aim straight ahead, focus on their nose, and imagine that they're a magnet for the blaster bullet. Good job, sweetie!"

Vette: "Remember, always hide the card in your BOOT. They'll be watching your sleeves..."

Oh, the lessons just go on and on...

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02.23.2012 , 11:39 AM | #47
As for the other characters I have some experience with...

Ashara probably would be a good mother. Given how far she's fallen from the Jedi, yet holds herself aloof from the Sith, I'd imagine that she'd want to teach any Force-sensitive kids herself. Not sure if children are a realistic thought with her, though - I don't think togruta would be able to have children with humans/Sith/zabrak/rattataki. Twi'leks, maybe.

Aric Jorgan... I'm an army brat myself, and I think it would be a similar situation with a Trooper who married Aric. Probably strict, sometimes aloof, but very devoted and with a good heart. Would probably encourage any kids to enlist as well.

Elara Dorne, I think would probably volunteer to leave front line duty to raise a child, probably serving as a medic in some military hospital. Probably a good mother, maybe even a tad overconcerned with the kid's safety. Probably not as likely to encourage kids to join the army as Aric, but would want them to do what they think is best.

Corso Riggs would most likely be a great father, even or especially if mommy isn't always around. He openly talks about wanting to settle down on a farming world, but I can't see the Smuggler giving up that life. Kids might end up splitting their time between adventuring with mom and returning home to boring old dad.

Nadia Grell, I don't think is ready to become a mother in the imminent future, but I'd imagine she'd be a pretty good one when the time comes. Not sure how she'd handle it if the kid was Force-sensitive and the Order wanted to take the kid away.

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02.23.2012 , 11:52 AM | #48
I like the companion romances a lot more than I thought I was going to, especially on my agent and warrior. If the option becomes available, I would definitely choose to have or adopt children as a natural progression of their relationships. My only problem is I can't quite picture how something like this would be implemented. I'm not sure I want a Tamagotchi style child care minigame, lol.

I was slightly disheartened that Vector's legacy chat didn't mention children at all. I have no clue if the process of becoming a joiner makes someone sterile or anything, since I don't read EU books. I can only imagine my agent dragging Vector to Doctor Lokin for that conversation. I do think Vector would make a very supportive and caring father. I disagree with the person who said he'd probably take them to a hive to be joined. He seemed to be against turning people into joiners unless they truly understood and wanted it. (Or at least that's the impression I got after doing his and Lokin's missions.)

As for Malavai Quinn, it's kind of amusing to picture him as a father. As with anything, I think he would take preparation to the extreme, probably to the point of annoying the pregnant sith warrior with quotes and statistics from medical literature. That "Infant Contingency Report" mail still makes me giggle.

Overall, if it happens, I welcome it. If it doesn't happen, oh well. That's what role playing and fan fiction are for.

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02.23.2012 , 11:58 AM | #49
Here's how I see a kid between Lieutenant Pierce and the Sith Warrior playing out:

Kid: "Mommy, I'm home!"

Warrior: "You're home from school early. What happened?"

Kid: "Tommy was making fun of me again. He said I'm a bastard and my mommy isn't married!"

Warrior: "That fails to explain why you're home early."

Kid: "Tommy made me really mad, so I hit him in the face. Then I hit him again, and again. He was starting to cry, but I kept hitting him until the security droid zapped me! Headmaster said I'm suspended pending Tommy getting back from the hospital."

Warrior: "Aw, aren't you a brave boy? You make mommy proud."

Pierce: "Heh. Guess I put a bit of myself into more than just the brat's mum."

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02.23.2012 , 12:02 PM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarnails View Post
I disagree with the person who said he'd probably take them to a hive to be joined. He seemed to be against turning people into joiners unless they truly understood and wanted it.
He might take a kid there anyway to see what a Hive is like. I recall one point where he invited the Agent to go there with him.

On a somewhat related note, I kind of wish they had given the romacable's pet names for the characters. It kind of kills the mood when Quinn says "My Lord, let's talk about having a family together," and Andronikus just calls the SI "Sith." They all do that.