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Feedback on Staggered launch.

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Feedback on Staggered launch.

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12.14.2011 , 04:42 PM | #1
First of all I want to preface this by saying what this isn't. It is not a post to bash Bioware/EA/Lucas Arts or any of the devs for choosing staggered launch. It is not a post declaring that I feel entitled to a spot in early access, as that is determined solely on pre-order date and when/if the people appointed to decide this are ordered to do. It is also not a crutch to lead to such things. What I intend to do here, is to lay-out briefly why I am slightly disappointed in the way it was carried out.

The primary reason is not because there are others in there other people playing, while I am not. I am very happy for those people that are currently playing, and they deserve it b/c they took the initiative to pre-order early on. I can't wait to experience the game with them, and that leads ultimately to where I am slightly bent. For those of us who have played a newly released MMO or experienced a major content release or a patch in another MMO we all know that "new car" feeling that it has; experiencing and leveling through all of that content with your friends. Seeing all of the general content i.e. "Holy crap, did anyone else do this awesome quest?!" etc. and learning all of the new quests and features while everyone else is. That is mostly what I feel I am being deprived of with the way in which this was done. Sure, I will get in more than likely very shortly, and I certainly can't wait. I begrudge Bioware in no way, I simply hope that moving forward they consider, not in long term or short term (As far as I am concerned when dealing with customers Short terms =/= Long term) but in a base line custmoer service aspect.

The world is not fair, and there are aspects of it that, we as adults, must face and be patient with. Its not kindergarten where "jimmy" brought cookies to class and has to share them with everyone else, however, it is the real world and as a paying customer I feel like we all deserve the same treatment. Bottom line: Letting a large portion of players in whilst others are placed on the back burner to wait for an un-disclosed amount of time, is in no way an appropriate way to carry this out. We are not in an amusement park waiting for a ride on a roller-coaster, this is an MMO where the software was (should have been) designed to manage the vast crowds.

In closing, I would genuinely like to thank Bioware for creating this game, as I know I will be enjoying it for years to come.

P.s. Don't like the wall of text? Well I apologize about the gun being put to your head forcing you to read it. Next time, remember it actually wasn't even there in the first place...the gun, that is.