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So, which class has the best/worst companions and best/worst story?

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So, which class has the best/worst companions and best/worst story?

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01.04.2012 , 05:42 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Korrigan View Post
I love the healer companion for the Jedi Consular... go Shadow/Kinetic and you're almost immortal with good Tharan taking care of you.

I don't mind the Lizard either. His background/story is fun.

I guess most people dislike poor Qyzen because he's weird/alien looking. I don't mind that at all. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
I don't like Qyzen because he's incredibly boring. Talk about a one-dimensional character.

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01.04.2012 , 06:50 PM | #32
From favorite Story/Companion combo to least...

Sith Warrior - Lvl 22 and lvl 14. One of my favorite origin planet story lines and one of my favorite companions, (Vette). Playing a Sith is a lot of fun. Having that shock collar to keep Vette in line is also fun.

Commando - Lvl 33. Great orign planet story line ending. Jorgen is annoying when you meet him, but he's fun to have at your side wreaking havoc, (no pun intended). Act I story line is very engaging and fun! Dorne is a tough nut to crack. Very by the book. Kind of a worthless healer. M1-4X is meh, too Jolly for me. Needs more dark side killer instinct.

Imperial Agent - Lvl 28. Origin planet story line is very fun, very cloak and dagger! Kaliyo is also a very awesome companion. Dialog options are very good and if not for Kaliyo, probably wouldn't have made so many DS choices, but the story line loses it's appeal before the end of Act I.

Bounty Hunter - Lvl 26. Origin planet story line is interesting, but picks up more steam on Dromund Kaas. Mako is ok, she'd be more interesting if she wasn't so clingy.

Sith Inquisitor - Lvl 14. Origin planet story line is good, like the Sith Warrior you feel like you're more than just another sith at the academy. I don't have much experience with Khem. So far he kills what I tell him to and makes a good meat shield.

Smuggler - Lvl 19. I was a little disappointed with the smugger on the origin world, but after Coruscant the story starts to pick up steam, especially when you get your ship back. Corso is fun, he has personality, but what you see is what you get. Not a lot of depth.

Jedi Knight - Lvl 20. Origin planet story is ok. It's more interesting I think if you make DS choices. You don't feel as praiseworthy as a Jedi as you do a Sith. At least the ending on the origin planet is somewhat climactic. T-7 beeps too fast for me. I can read what he says but would prefer it to stay on screen a little longer. I don't really like all the // + and = crap. I have come to recognize one beep quit regularly, his angry little beep when he does nothing but run mission errands. Kira is very tomboy-ish. Reminds me of GI Jane. But she does have the occasional funny comment... "Don't let your T-7 hear you talking like that," after I curse a droid for being useless and destroy it. Every time I accidentally click her I get the "Shouldn't we be saving the world," crap. Makes me wish she had a shock collar, which is one reason why Sith Warrior gets the top spot.

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01.04.2012 , 06:58 PM | #33
Smuggler story slowed down after act 1 (sadly), though I'd say smuggler personality is the best.

As for companions:

-"I healed you with Jedi Powers!" (yeah - this guy IS pure awesomeness ;D)

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01.05.2012 , 05:10 AM | #34
Sith Inquisitor Act 1 I found great, at all points I was wanting to push on and get to the next planet which for me is a rare occation. Khem does get in your way alot but all in all is probably my favorite companion, He can get a little weak later on, i have had to gear him to the teeth to be useful at 31.

Smuggler story i found ok until about level 15, then it started to wear thin, the whole of act 1 you are chasing some puny little dick head around the galaxy, not much depth at all...i do like the smugglers attitude though. Companions...ok nothing special to write about.

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01.05.2012 , 05:46 AM | #35

I personally have loved the smuggler storyline up to where I am at (Belsavis). It has quite a bit of zaniness to it, which makes it a refreshing change from most of the other class stories. Any time you get to trade the head of a long-dead Sith lord in a jar is a good time, in my book.

I also think the smuggler companions are iconic, varied, and generally interesting: The mercenary who names his guns, the enslaved wookiee gladiator, the efficient Mandalorian *****, the self-interested daughter of a crime lord, and the bumbling Mon Calamari who tries to pass himself off as a Jedi.

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01.05.2012 , 05:47 AM | #36
My thought on story is as such (from both beta and live):

I love the dealings "behind the scenes" that you are part of, and the female VA is simply magnificent. If I had not decided to go republic on release, and that imperial are outnumbering republic, I would have gone with an inq live as well, as I only half finished inq act 1 in a couple of beta weekends.

While not being quite as good as inq, I think they got this one down to. The quest you are sent on is special and important while not having to "save the world". Well, not directly anyway.

Jedi Knight:
I was plesantly surprised over this one, as I thought it would be much more "in your face" save the world. Granted, I have just finished tython and this might become an issue, later on but so far, I think this has been handled superbly. Overall though, not quite as good as consular (not to mention inq).

This is the only class I have (by now) finished act 1 on. And I was a bit underwhelmed by this story. It was ok, but not any more than that either.

Imperial Agent:
I know this story is supposed to be James Bond, and that a lot of folks like this one. Good for you. I don't. It is all a matter of taste. It might be because I had just had my inq wiped and had to create a new character (beta weekend) that this story (for me) paled in comparison. After manipulating and pulling strings behind the scenes as a inq apprentice, being manhandled by the dark council was a bit.. I don't know. Now I am sure that this story picks up. But I haven't seen that, hence it is my least favorite story, as of now.

These are my thoughts, based on low levels, and basicly starting planets and capital planets for the most part. And yeah, we all have our preferances
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01.05.2012 , 06:07 AM | #37
I have a level 45 smuggler and a level 15 vanguard.

The Smuggler: Good, story. Ability to flirt (and not just flirt) with nearly every woman in every spaceport :-) I am a healer and find it really strange when healing 3 other Jedis in a group quest. Come on a smuggler healing a Jedi? Han Solo healing Yoda? It is simply strange.
From companions I like Corso Riggs, quite useful in combat and Risha. Risha is the only viable romance for me. The last one I use in combat is Akaavi, but I hate her attitude (no, Akaavi, killing a shuttle full of Jedi younglings IS NOT RIGHT) and as someone mentioned for other companion, she is melee with aim. Really hard to get her a decent weapon. Do not use Bowdaar because he still looks the same (no visual changes for armor) and do not use that Mon Calamarian as I am healer myself.

The Trooper: I am just on Coruscant but so far he is the typical "green" brain as we say here. Sir, yes sir, I serve the Republic, sir! You know what I mean. So far I am surprised I can do solo 2+ heroics :-)
For companions, I have only the first one, Aric, but so far no problem with him. Good damage and he mostly agrees with my dialogue choices.

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01.05.2012 , 06:12 AM | #38
how can u guys not love the jedi consular story.. I mean the voice actor....... wait a minute jedi consular story revolves around finding relics/treasures... and the male voice actor is Nolan North(Drake(Uncharted))....... OMG I SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE!!! those sneaky bastards... I wish the sith warrior's voice had more aggression... for a raging son of a bi/tch he sounds awfully calm

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01.05.2012 , 06:28 AM | #39
Most dramatic story quest-trooper, i am talking about hostage resque operation quest in the Act 3, where you have to make VERY VERY hard choice. Also his storyline wins the best non-companion character reward(hello Ms. Jaxo). Overall trooper's storyline is quite vanilla-go save the republic etc, i guess hardcore republic fanboys would love it.
Jedi consular's story is meh at best, perhaps i am not a lore-seeking type. His companions are great thought.

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01.15.2012 , 03:21 PM | #40
I've finished the jedi knight story and thought it was awesome

Just done act 1 with sith warrior and was very cool, mainly playing it now because i heard it finishes a little bit after the ending of the jedi knight story. but so far its very cool.

smuggler i'm only off ord mantel but its defiantly a lot less serious and alot funnier. we'll see how the story gets.