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03.05.2013 , 04:49 PM | #4
It seems to be a simple problem. Each of the Cartel sabers function to create a little effect where the second saber (that vanishes) is delayed when it extends when you draw your weapon, which is why only the Cartel and the Grey Helix sabers would bug and none of the earlier shells have this problem.

So since you guys have fixed one of the sabers, what makes fixing the other ones so much of a problem? Especially when you can manage to release the SAME BUGGED VERSION of a saber in an event AFTER you guys have created a fix to this one problem. It's clearly the same problem, something that buggs the blade because of your little effect with the blade extending when drawing the weapon, so using logical thinking, all three blades have the same problem. So if you can fix one of them, surely there shouldn't be any problem fixing the others?