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The usual gamers fallicy...

"Again, the fallacy is the belief that the "universe" somehow carries a memory of past results which tend to favor or disfavor future outcomes."

It's a 20% chance each time you re an item, it's not a 20% chance of all your re attempts.
Who cares. You are all looking at this from the wrong end of the horse.

A crafting system with no learning curve, no proficiency rate, just relying on an 80 percent failure rate across the board is the problem, not how close we come to that 80% failure rate. A craftier with a skill of 400 should never fail on a level 10 item pattern no more then a master carpenter would fail 80% of the time trying to nail two simple pieces of framing lumber together. The entire system from the UT companion mission mess, to the RE rate is a failure.
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