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The Matrix Cube relics are mediocre, entry grade relics pretty much on par with the Columi grade relics that drop in SM EV and KP. As such, they're nowhere near best in slot.

Also, you *do not* want 2 of the same use relic since activating one will put *both* on the same cooldown. What you *do* want, since it's your BiS, is actually the Dread Guard Relic of Elemental Transcendence: it provides 47 flat power in addition to a not-insubstantial amount of just raw damage that's dumped out on a regular basis. The reasons that you want the Elemental proc relic than the Kinetic, Energy, or Internal proc are based on mechanical and mathematical wonkiness that I can explain if you want (I doubt you care about getting an answer other than "take this one" considering you honestly thought the Red Matrix Cube was BiS).

The wonkiness is that since you don't have much armor penetration other than other class debuffs, the internal or elemental one is going to be better. You choose the elemental one, because the proc relics do indeed crit and the elemental one is based off force crit and the internal one is based of tech crit.
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