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12.15.2012 , 10:37 AM | #20
cost of mats are the same for the new droid gear. looks like it is the standard base material cost of crafting that tiers gear.

however you cant buy the droid gear from the cartel either. this is the issue plain and simple. that is buying the gear from the cartel cheaper than what crafted can be made and sold for.

some of the ship parts can be bought with daily coms. after looking all over the place i noticed there are several means to get these ship items. i just cant remember them all.

however after listening to a few friends on vent regarding the new missions i decided not to invest any coms in buying them. it appears with any lag, which some of us like myself still have, such missions are nothing more than a lesson in humility and frustration. the later i dont need from a game i play to relax and have fun.