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12.13.2012 , 10:30 AM | #16
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Aren't they bound to your character for a couple for a couple days before you can list them on the gtn? Because the lowest prices I've seen were on patch day.
Most likely they are exactly same parts that are avaible to players, coming in standard Cartel Box. So while box itself is bound for duration, all items are BoE all the time.

Quote: Originally Posted by Trispast View Post
I don't see why Bioware doesn't just sell credits, that is exaclty what the ship items on the cartel market has created, people buying credits with real money, yeah there is one extra step involved but I see no difference in the end
While I still hate that they put those parts in market, there is gigantic difference between this and selling credits from thin air. Those parts allow people to make money, true, but that is only true if other players have that money. This doesn't introduce any extra credits into economy, better yet it sucks out a little of them(GTN fee). If BW ever started selling credits directly, from thin air, then whole economy would colapse. While selling parts is very bad, it's not THAT bad.