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What? Why can you see what you're targeting? How is it you can see the enemy's HP and resource pool? Why is it you can see enemy status effects on them? How is it you can see the debuffs and such on you as well?

I mean really? This thread exists? Seriously?
I love the constructive answer, but seriously don't talk. I personally don't think there should be a big target marker telling the enemy where I am about to strike. If you disagree then fine, post a constructive comment instead of being a jack ***.
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The fact is that in most of other MMOs, you don't need these marks because the attack's visual effect is on the ground itself (like the ground burning, or the ground turning violet because of dark magic...). This kind of visual effects also say "get out of here or die".

But here the AoEs are much less noticable. Most of the time they come from the air (XS-stock Flyby and Orbital Strike) and sometimes their visual don't even strike at the same place (Mortar Volley or Death from Above)... And sometimes they come from the air and don't stike the ground at the same place (Lightning Storm). Whatever are their animations, AoEs in this game don't have an animation that lasts on the ground unlike in other games. That's probably the reason you're looking for, that justifies that there are ground targets visible for all.

I'll give you that Trooper's and Bounty Hunter's scan doesn't need a ground target as the scanning animation is constantly on the ground, and I think that because it's a tool to find the sneaky ones, the animation should be as sneaky as them so that there's a better chance that they get caught.
I honestly don't remember if there is a warning before Freighter fly by, but the orbital strike and pretty much all the others have decent on ground warnings. But at least you have a better response. I just think its dumb to show a big neon symbol on the ground
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