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I used to play my Commando healer a lot more simply because it sometimes seems like there aren't enough healers to go around 'cause they always get focused and that puts people off it, I figured I might as well do my part and do my best to take the pounding and heal others so they can have a more enjoyable experience when they're still alive (that is, unless I mess up XDXD).

Recently, I like to play as my Shadow more because I find it to be very versatile, I can go straight up DPS as Infiltration spec (or even Balance spec for teh lolz) or I can go for the 23/1/17 Hybrid which allows me to still do pretty well in DPS but gives me a lot more utility, I can CC peeps to keep the pressure off, I can pull peeps into the fires or away from the end zone in Huttball and I can also guard if necessary, while at the same time doing enough DPS to try to peel enemies off of our healers. Oh, I also like to stealth/solo cap nodes in Novare Coast and Civil War as Celo and Buenos can tell you, we like doing that kinda thing. ^.^
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