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02.15.2013 , 08:28 AM | #3
i would like a developers reaction or discussion point of view to this thread please

repair costs imo shouldn't ever become a reason why people do or do not LFG or Raid or have fun in game

Why when we the playerbase hear from different Bioware community managers (past and present) time and time again that you will communicate more with the playerbase on key issues that players have , has nobody from your
dev team commented or at the very least passed opinion on a post that's generated 400 plus pages in just 2 days of replies on a issue that is to put it mildly annoying a lot of people ?

It honestly feels like you guys have your heads in the sand and dont want to hear what the players who are otherwise enjoying the game you made for them are saying..... ?

This particular issue is affecting my fun levels in game right now (because some of my guild members are refusing to raid as a reaction to the recent hike in repair costs) its for this reason i consider my post appropriate to this thread.

I personally look forward to logging into my guild mumble (chat server) to hear happy guild members raiding and progressing their characters and celebrating about loot drops they have managed to obtain in game. All i hear at the moment is "sorry guys thats me done i dont have the cash for repairs" or "Nah im not pugging for a group and wasting money repairing for nubs..... prices being as they are, i'll do a run at a later date"
when guild members ask for help grouping a hard mode flashpoint for their daily.