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Well i really hope that 30 pages of ************ and complaining and whining about the damn slot machine , prompting byoware to nerf it into the damn ground has made all the damn "crafters" happy , this besides the other flood of mewling on other threads i saw in this sub-forum.

****s sake , i mean , couldn't you at least try to provide a damn constructive sollution to the problem , besides the consistent ************ ? For instance , instead of dropping the rates into purgatory levels of low , they could have placed a fixed amount of coins that you can use on the machine for X amount of days , like the lockout that operations have. This , along with increasing the price for the coins ( which they did anyways ) , would have stopped the spamming and still kept the damn thing useful.

Now the damn thing is useless , unless you want to bang your head against the damn monitor , trying to the get the robot chicken mounts , it has no other use once you hit legend with the reputation faction , so congrats to all the assbags that complained about it so much , that they made it useless.

I think I've used that thing about 4 times in total , since it got released and got about 20 purple scrap , so i could buy the mat related to augments and that was about it , since the damn missions are ridiculously expensive and i only have slicing on 1 character , it was a way to supplement my augmenting needs to a certain degree , but now , with all the complaining around that thing , you managed to get it to be useless , i can only pity the people who actually purchased the machine from the GTN for a few solid million creds.
Not all crafters were complaining about the slot machine. I would suggest you check the forums to see that. I am a Master Craftsman and yet I suggested we wait and see what happened. In fact one of my posts suggested that we give it a while as people tend to get bored and move on to something else.
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