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That term, "immediate need" holds the KEY to the eternal struggle between sellers and consumers. Players that want stuff RAHHT NAOO is what allows sellers to drive prices up.

I remember when Campaign gear was the top gear in the game and could be RE'ed for a schematic. Players were selling it for big bucks. I could have afforded buying some of this gear, but I felt it was too expensive so I didn't. Instead I ran a bunch of group finder pugs, got Black Hole commendations, and bought the gear I needed. Over time. No rush.

It's the same thing here. Lets say some crafter with a zillion credits tries to corner the market, buying up all Midlithe under 90K and relisting it to "force" people to pay that price. Solution: Don't freaking buy it.

That "immediate need" you thought you had? It's not really as immediate as you think. Run some flashpoints instead, do some dailies, do some PvP, run your own crafting missions, etc. The price WILL fall if people stop buying it. Because demand went below supply.
Could not have said it better.

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Faster, but more expensive and we all know how massively cheap crafters are and how greedy they are....but then again, players in general can be impatient and tend to take the quick solution, i personally gather the materials myself, i send out the companions for the underworld metal and i gather the scavenging stuff myself, crafting is not dead exactly, its just fracked up because most crafters don't have a clue on what an item is worth, they just craft an item that might cost them not even 1000cr to make and then slap a price of 10000cr onto it and put it up for Auction......yet they wonder why crafting is as dead as it is.
I guess we are going to renew this debate once again...

You know what? It's not even worth it. If it makes you feel superior, believe whatever you want.
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