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I don't get why they don't put in Explosive Conflict in the group finder. How about a gear check? Or put in a group finder version of the operation.
It's not gear that's the main problem, I've seen well geared players in SM not knowing their roles especially tanks not kitting bosses correctly (i.e. for fabricator in KP) and even seen some people doing stupid things like running into the lava pit full of dogs in EV just before gharg and when revived running on straight to gharg without waiting for people to ready up without knowing tactics.

I think for group finder there needs to be some sort of skill scoring before you progress on to each operation, maybe even some sort of training op before you can do the story modes then having to finish all the SM's before progressing on to HM and so on.

The problem is (and was probably before GF with pug groups) skill and experience.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!