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So when existing canon doesn't suit your opinion you rewrite it?

Lore on the Sith Empire has moved on since Tales of the Jedi.
I am not rewriting anything, I am analysing the circumstances based on what information is available to me. But you probably refer to some retcon material that was introduced after TOR came out to "mend the inconsistencies" (deliberately introduced, mind you) by contradicting previous canon. That's the problem with the EU, and it's really annoying, because it shows a great disrespect towards previous EU authors.

I would think it would be almost second nature to people to try and preserve consistency. There are ways of getting the SWTOR storyline unchanged, without trampling previous canon. Apparently I'm the only one who thinks so. But I haven't heard that social relations in the Sith Empire were completely retconned. The fact remains the same: before, traits that distancd a Sith Lord from the pureblood Sith species were viewed as a sign of a powerful bloodline. Whereas in SWTOR, it's the other way around, people want more Sith-traits so they can claim they descend from powerful bloodlines.

The problem with the SWTOR approach to things is this - why are the Sith xenophobes? If the first Lords of the Sith were aliens to the Sith species, why would their "heirs" have any particular problem with that? They can despise weakness, as every Sith does, but associate blood impurity with weakness would require some better explanation than a sidenote on a retcon sourcebook.

Instead of assuming that has always been the case, why not breathe some life to these fictitious societies, and have them undergo some significant changes over the passing of time, especially after such a galactic upheaval as the Great Hyperspace War? But if you put the Sith Empire in a cast, and just say "no, they always have had craploads of alien species as slaves and they always were xenophobic and they revered purity of Sith blood above all else", you take away from the richness of the Star Wars universe.

And there is another little problem - whereas the Sith Emperor is powerful, I cannot swallow the fact that he could efficiently curb the lust for power of other Sith Lords without a significant change in societal paradigm. Which is to say the Sith changed while under his rule. Look at the Sith code's closing sentences: "Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me." Every Sith who abides by the Sith Code would think of a way to trample the Emperor. That can be lessened, however, by the introduction of the personality cult that is a canon fact. Much like the Nazi society worshipped Hitler's personality. Guess what Hitler also did? He introduced extreme xenophobia to Nazi Germany. In fact, the resemblance between Hitler and Vitiate go beyond - both tried to salvage a failing society, and introduced extremist beliefs, personality cult, racial supremacy xenophobia and paranoia. Both succeeded, and produced fascist states (not that the Sith Empire before Vitiate was not fascist, but that's beside the point) centred around warfare mostly.

So the Empire's xenophobia is a manner to curb the greed of other Sith Lords. If each one thinks he's more worthy of power than his fellow Sith Lord, whom he deems to be of lesser lineage, he'll waste himself plotting against his rival rather than plotting to unseat the Emperor.