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Because Ajunta Pall was the first one who taught the dark side to the Sith, and he was human. Ajunta Pall was worshipped like a god to the Sith, who are force-sensitive but primitive at the time.
The Book of Sith describes how the Dark Jedi were amazed, and felt it was their destiny to be defeated at Corbos and driven into the Sith Empire, because the Sith had such a rich Dark Side-centric culture, even prior to the arrival of the exiles.

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Because the first Sith were humans, or rather exiled Jedi from Tython who stumbled upon the primitive Sith Species.

They then proceeded to enslave these species using the Force to elevate themselves to the status of gods, over time they interbred and the Sith Pureblood was born. They then began to expand their empire, enslaving 'alien' species to serve as an underclass. We have to remember that the Sith had a rigid caste system of Sith Lords, Preists, Engineers, Warriors (Massassi) and finally the slave caste known as 'Grottha' who were solely comprised of aliens.

So naturally, a xenophobia towards alien species is going to develop in such a caste-based culture, and humans and Sith are going to be elevated. This is not some arbitary attempt on BioWare's part to make the Sith more evil. This is a deep rooted facet of Sith Lore that has been around long before 'The Old Republic' was created.
I don't think that justification flies. The original Sith Empire (as depicted in the Tales of the Jedi comic series) did not have any alien species. Mostly, it was located in a Hyperspace breakwater, and few beings managed to navigate into it, which allowed the Empire to stand undiscovered for two thousand years. They had, in fact, become alien to the galaxy in the strictest sense, and few Sith even knew that there was a Galactic Republic out there somewhere until Gav and Jori Daragon found Korriban by accident.

With the passing of the years, the sharp distinction between the Dark Jedi and the Sith species had become blurred, and the Lords of the Sith that had inherited power from their Dark Jedi predecessors (ancestors is too big a word, and two thousand years are more than enough to wrack most, if not all, distinct traits from mixed bloodlines - proof of that is that there were no humans in Naga Sadow's time), had to resort to showing any distinct evolutionary trace (such as having four fingers on the hands instead of three) as hailing from a Dark Jedi bloodline. In those days, what was revered was not pureblood Sith ancestry, but instead any traces of mixed blood. If you think carefully, there is not much chance that mixed blood could be considered a weakness, because the Empire lived in isolation. If there had been much influence of outside species before the Great Hyperspace War, they would not be considered a strength as they were in Sadow's time.

So, the creed of "blood purity" is a characteristic of Vitiate's Empire, not the Old Sith Empire (referring now to the Empire under Naga Sadow, Marka Ragnos and Tulak Hord), and must have been developped during the 1300 years that the "new empire" remained in hiding. After that the Empire would have absorbed aliens into their culture (which were before then absent or at best a minor feature in the wide Empire), and then the "thinning of the blood" would begin.

If I were to hazard a guess into how that exactly played out, I would say Vitiate introduced the xenophobia as a part of the personality cult he ingrained in his empire - in order to keep the Sith Lords in control of things, he needed to create a loathing for alien species amongst both the Sith and the common citizenry of the Empire. And since the Sith had suffered much from the Great Hyperspace War, they may indeed have absorbed alien (in this case, human) populations. That would explain why humans are more numerous than the Red Sith in Vitiate's empire.