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Because the first Sith were humans, or rather exiled Jedi from Tython who stumbled upon the primitive Sith Species.

They then proceeded to enslave these species using the Force to elevate themselves to the status of gods, over time they interbred and the Sith Pureblood was born. They then began to expand their empire, enslaving 'alien' species to serve as an underclass. We have to remember that the Sith had a rigid caste system of Sith Lords, Preists, Engineers, Warriors (Massassi) and finally the slave caste known as 'Grottha' who were solely comprised of aliens.

So naturally, a xenophobia towards alien species is going to develop in such a caste-based culture, and humans and Sith are going to be elevated. This is not some arbitary attempt on BioWare's part to make the Sith more evil. This is a deep rooted facet of Sith Lore that has been around long before 'The Old Republic' was created.