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Here is the appearance.

Hope I can join in.
Here is my standard bio that I used on these forums before TOR launched.

Species/Race: Unknown, looks very similar to Human.
Name: Devonie Invanova (Not known to anyone except for close friends)
Codename: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, looks around mid to late 40's
Height: 6' 11"
Appearance: Average build. Face rugged with wolf-like features
Eye color: Gold (Tends to glow slightly in the dark.)
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Allegiance: Himself and those he considers friends.
Profession: Trooper.
Rank: Colonel
Clothes: Old Republic-mod armor with a wolf's head patch on the upper right of chest piece and a dark brown cloak.
Primary Weapon(s): Unique master-crafted vibro reinforced sword.
Secondary Weapon(s): Mandalorian Assault Rifle
other Item(s): Comm unit (including an ear piece), multiple grenades, fists, a combat bayonet/knife, high security clearance pass. and an highly encrypted data-pad.

Wolf has been in the record of the republic military for hundreds of years, every since the start of the Madalorian Wars. No one knows who he really is or how he manages to live this long. But after years go by, no one really thought about it any more. He always travels and fights with a sword reinforced with a vibro weave and almost always acts in a Wolf-like manner, even his features are similar to that of a Wolf. He claims to hear, smell, and see better than humans, despite him looking like one. He joined the republic Military at the start of the Mandalorian Wars a proved to be an effective soldier, Half way through, he was selected for special forces and received elite training. He continued to fight battle after battle until the end of the war, by then he reached the rank of Captain. For the following ten years, he practiced, exercised, and waited. The Jedi Civil War came and he continued to fight as republic special forces, and rose through the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel. After the war, he continued to do what he does, practice and wait for another mission, another fight. When the Sith Empire returned, he achieved the rank of Colonel and was given command of his own Battalion and continued to fight, always leading from the front. Now, after the treaty was signed, he moves back and forth from Military units deployed throughout Republic space and the Senate tower were the Military Command is.

Hope that this is satisfactory. Sorry for lengthy Bio and I was unable to post a link to a drawn picture of his appearance. Will try to post one later if it's ok with you. If you know of a way to post a picture other than useing photobucket, please let me know. Thank you.
"Command is more than just another skill. You can't train a person to make command decisions in split seconds and live with the consequences. They have to learn that for themselves. If they fail to see that, good people die. And they still have to live with that." ~ Colonel Jaime Wolf