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So, this is an idea I tryed to get going a few months ago, only had 2 other people join in, and it sadly died out eventuly. however, seeing as how these forums are more active now, I am going to see if maybe there is intrest enough in this idea to restart it.

This RP will focus on my imperial agents, Zero and Meanken. They are on a deep cover mission to corusant, with the objective of getting into the senate tower and gathering as much information they can, be it dirt on senators, republic military plans, whatever they can get their hands on. This takes place while the treaty is still in effect, so keep that in mind while posting please. All classes are welcome to join in at any time. Some basic rules I will be enforcing
-I reserve final judgment on any disagreement that may occur during the course of the RP
-THINK BEFORE YOU POST. If you are unsure about something, please ask before you go any further in the post. Otherwise, we may have to hold up the entire RP while you go and fix the mistake
-use this OCC thread please. I prefer to keep all the posts in the IC thread only IC. All other posts go here.
-I would also appreciate it if you provided a basic character sheet for easy reference for info about your character. Nothing to in depth is required; use the one I post under this as an example if you are unsure how to go about it
-be patient. I may not be able to respond to every post right away. I PROMICE I will get to your post at some point.
-Spell check before posting please
Once we get a few people signed up, I will create the IC thread and the RP will start (again lol).

Species/Race: Chiss
Name: Classified
Codename: Meanken
Gender: Male
Age: Classified
Facial Appearance: Scar across face (self-inflicted) .
Allegiance: Empire, but does not care for anything but himself
Profession: Imperial Agent (operative)
Clothes: A black trench coat with armor plating under
Primary Weapon(s): Blaster rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): 12'' Viboknife
other Item(s): Shield probe, Fragmentation Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, Stealth Belt, Stun Knife (shock based weapon), Throwing Knives, Extra Knives identical to the one he holds

Background-Born on the ice world of hoth, Meanken was part of a band of pirates for most of his early years. However, he eventually grew sick of hoth and what see saw as the weak people who lived there, and stole a ship, becoming a bounty hunter. He cared little for the conflict between sith and empire. Eventually, his days as a bounty hunter came to an end when he was hired by the republic to kill a rising sith apprentice. The mission was completed, but the republic had told the Darth about the impending killing by way of a tip from an unknown sorce, believing Meanken to be too dangerous to be allowed to continue to operate. The darth decided to let him strike to test the apprentice. Seeing the weakness of the apprentice, he decided that the bounty hunter was too valuable a resource to let stay neutral, so he took Meanken into his spy network promising lots of chances for killing and worthy opponents. The darth was later killed by a jedi ambush, and Meanken was shipped to Imperial Intelligence

Species/Race: Chiss
Name: Classified
Codename: Zero
Gender: Female
Age: Classified
Allegiance: Empire
Profession: Imperial Agent (sniper)
Clothes: An Imperial officer outfit
Primary Weapon(s): Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): 9'' Vibroknife
Other Item(s)- Shield probe, Fragmentation Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, Noise Generator, deployable cover, tactical binoculars

Background-Born on Dromand Kass, Zero was raised as many young imperials are raised, to respect and obey the sith, and to give everything you have for the empire. Zero joined the imperial military at the age of 18, and became one of its most effective snipers. After single handedly carrying out the assassination of a jedi master, Zero was moved to Imperial Intelligence. Due to her loyalty and experience, Zero was usually given partners who are considered "questionable", people who don't have much, if any, loyalty to the empire, but who were judged too good an asset to dispose of.

MASS EDIT!- I am making a list of people in the rp due to a mass influx of new people, hope this will help us keep track

Agent Zero-just look up 5 feet
Agent Meanken-same as Zero
Senator Harris-Imperial hateing senator

corruck-force senstive scientist

Wolf-grumpy parnoid war vet

Chirgal-Jedi quickly falling to the dark side

Sabrina-Sith apprentice

Ruoondryr-Talz bounty hunter with a lot of guts

Khaso-overeager bounty hunter
Kaddo-older brother to Khaso, also a bounty hunter

Stannis-Jedi who tryes to guide people away from the dark side