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Making it all "optional" is just added complication. If your companions are in the equivalent of 192 gear, why do you need to put them in 192 gear? You really want to waste all those commendations/credits?

As for the Mastery, how many times have you gone into the game and seen a marauder in willpower gear at 60? You tell them how the game works, they go ballistic calling you a noob and saying they need willpower for their force abilities because they are a SITH. You won't need to explain that 'certain gear belongs to certain classes' because that will no longer be the case.

One stat for everyone makes not only that a thing of the past, but it also makes it so that ANY item that drops can be useful to every player. No more "*** we don't have a willpower user why is this boss giving us this crap?" Sure, it will mean potentially every player will 'need' the item, but that is far better than the warrior needing on the cunning gear (I need it for my companion) which also goes back to above... no more of this "I needed it for my companion" crap either.
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