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Dear BioWare development team,

First of all I want to say that I love this game, and I hope to keep on doing that!
The last couple of weeks, we have been given a lot of news about Knights of the Fallen Empire:

Character: Stat Changes
-- Primary Stats (Strength, Willpower, Cunning, Aim) replaced by Mastery.
-- Endurance will give more health per point from level 65.
-- Surge Removed and combined with critical rating.
-- Base Weapon Accuracy from 90% to 100%.
-- Rearrangement Gear
----- First Slot: Defense and Power
----- Second Slot: Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical, Absorb and Shield.
-- Ability replacement will happen automatically.

Character: Experience Changes (in groups)
-- Experience no longer split between group members and based on level difference.
----- Size of the group doesn't matter.
----- Experience based on highest level character, after level sync, and level of NPC.

Character: Planet Level Sync
-- Level according to planet level (stats, armor, weapon damage).
----- No skill removal during level sync
----- Scaled Experience during level sync

----Primary Stat Changes:
------ Please reconsider the primary stat changes:
---------- Example: How will the gear differ for different classes?
---------- Example: How can you explain to new players that certain gear, belongs to certain classes?
---------- Example: How will people not need everything now? (items with the highest mastery stats)
---------- Or, will literally all gear be customisable?
------ If it is about the new name, name them the following:
---------- Mastery of Strength
---------- Mastery of Willpower
---------- Mastery of Cunning
---------- Mastery of Aim
-------But it is really important to visually see the difference between class gear!

----Endurance changes:
------ More health per point is fine, but why from level 65?
---------- Will endurance stats have no impact whatsoever on levels below 65?

----Surge & Rearrangement changes:
------ The differences in the surge stat might give opportunities for new builds.
---------- What is the ratio of this new crit/surge stat?
---------- And by the way, not fond off the lower critical and surge rating with same stats!
-----------(might be solved by critical going beyond the 100%, but that only for certain skills)

----Planet Level Sync changes:
------ Great feature, and nice addition together with the experience changes!
---------- But, please make this optional!
-------------- Example: What about seeker droid (level 50+) area's?
-------------- Example: Helping someone, shouldn't cost you a lot of time right?

Companions: Companion Changes
-- Companion summoned from Companions and Contacts / Alliance window.
-- Companion Roll: Tank, Heal, Damage
-- Companion ability set, per weapon type.
-- Companion stat scale, per level companion.
----- Companions no longer generate any stats from gear.

Companions: Companion Nico
-- Recruitment Nico (storyline or token in mail)
-- Only available to qualified subscribers

----Companion Changes:
------ Companion Roll & Ability Set per Weapon Type
---------- Companions now have personalised skill sets, will this be removed?
-------------- Example: What is Tharan Cedrax without Holiday?
---------- Please make sure, that every companion has his / her own personal skills in these skill sets!
------ Companion Stat Scale
---------- Good addition for companions without gear!
-------------- But, what about personal customisation (gear wise)?
---------------Please make this an optional feature per companion!
---------------So that we will still be able to build our companions with the stats we want.

General: Commendation Changes
-- Basic Commendations - Common Data Crystals
-- Elite Commendations - Glowing Data Crystals
-- Ultimate Commendations - Radiant Data Crystals

General: Conquest Changes
-- Conquest target points from 35.000 to 20.000.
-- Trade Emporium: 25.000 target points
-- Titans of Industry: 25.000 target points
-- Total Galactic War: 50.000 target points
-- Conquest: "War Supplies" crafting mission, 2.000 target points (non repeatable)

General: Operations
-- All operations will be available for max level
-- Removal Eternity Vault Nightmare Mode
-- Removal Karagga's Palace Nightmare Mode

General: Achievements
-- Removal Makeb Achievements
----- Making the Connection
----- Well Connected
-- Removal Eternity Vault Nightmare Mode Achievements
----- Placed in Achievement archive
-- Removal Karagga's Palace Nightmare Mode Achievements
----- Placed in Achievement archive

General: Cartel Market Changes
-- General
----- Every Cartel Item will be available in the Cartel Market at all times
----- Highly demanded Cartel Items will regularely return in the Cartel Market
----- Cartel Item Rarities: Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare - Bronze, Silver, Gold
----- Armor Sets from Monthly Cartel Packs will come in 3 boxes (Upper, Lower, Auxiliary)
----- Packs in bank or inventory will not be affected by any of these changes
-- Cartel Packs
----- Regular Cartel Pack (bronze, silver, gold)
--------- Two items per pack (better quality items in each pack)
------------- One "bigger" item (full armor sets, mounts, decorations, toys)
------------- One grade 5 rare / artifact level companion gift
----- Super Cartel Pack
--------- 5 Regular Cartel Packs
----- Hypercrate
--------- 30 Regular Cartel Packs
----- Grand Packs
--------- Grand Weapon Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Crystal Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Galactic Starfighter Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Emote Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Pet Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Companion Custimisation Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Title Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Toy Cartel Pack
--------- Grand Dye Cartel Pack
-- Collections
----- Collections: Filter
----- Collections: Opens Collapsed
----- Collections: Unlocked items will be displayed (number)
----- Collections: Unlocked items can be purchased from any character
-- Reputation Vendors
----- 1 credit items from reputation vendors will be moved into the new Grand Packs
----- Any item specific to a reputation will continue to be available from the associated Reputation vendor
----- Reputation from previous Cartel Packs still available through GTN and returning Grand Shipment Packs.
----- The new shipment of Packs will not have a reputation associated with it

General: General Changes
-- Copy Key Bindings
-- Temporary Ability Bars / Hotbars

----General Changes:
------ Don't understand why commendations should have a different name, but well okay.
-------(personally I find basic, elite and ultimate sound much better)
------ Great adjustments in the conquest changes!
---------- Tip: Create tutorial explaining Conquest in detail.
------ Great that all operations will be available at max level!
---------- Note: Why not make a max level version of EV and KP? (replacement for NiM)
------ The Gazebo decoration is a nice touch, for removing the Makeb Achievements.
---------- Tip: Decorations for the removal of Operations Achievements (EV, KP).
-------------- Example: Karagga's Statue for Karagga's Palace
------ Great Cartel Market changes, especially the Collection changes!
---------- Note: Please add Dyes to decorations!
-----------(It is so sad that you have to buy the same dye over and over again)
---------- Will the Grand Packs also be sold as Super Packs and Hypercrates?
------ Great Copy Key Bindings adjustments! In one word: Finally!
------ I like the idea of the new temporary ability bars!
---------- Will keybindings from the regular toolbars be usable on these temporary toolbars?

----In light of all of these changes, I would also like to take use of this opportunity to propose a few new changes:
------ Guild Changes
---------- Open Guild Details tab right away (removal of small guild tab)
---------- Add Class Roll, Crew Skills and Member Subscription (sub / preff / f2p) to the Guild Tab.
-------------- Tip: Class Roll Icon from Group Finder, next to class.
-------------- Tip: Crew Skill Icon from crafting skill, or a singular icon for gathering skills.
-------------- Tip: Add single column for showing crew skills and member subscription.
---------- Add the possibility to select a member, right click, and send a mail.
---------- Add the possibility to select multiple members, and:
-------------- Change Member Note
-------------- Change Officer Note
-------------- Send mail to them. (multiple guild members)
---------- Add the possiblity to add an account, all characters, into the guild.
---------- Link Member and Officer note to an account, so that this will be filled in automatically.
---------- Link Republic and Imperial Guild, to see who are online and chat with them.
---------- Link Guild Allies (other guilds) to your guild, to see who are online and chat with them.
------ Friend list changes
---------- Add the possiblity to add an account, all characters, as a friend.
---------- Add the possiblity to copy the friends list from one character to another character.
---------- Link Friend Comments to an account, so that this will be filled in automatically.
------ Other Changes
---------- Change portraits of companions according to custimization, during conversations.
---------- Select multiple items (like armorings) at vendors to buy with commendations / data crystals.
---------- Make it easier to change gear, without having to reopen the gear after every item.
---------- Add credits to the cargo bay or legacy bay (as a subscriber), like in the Guild Bank.
---------- Add minigames (pazaak, etc.) to Star Wars the Old Republic.
---------- Add Pod Racing, as a new kind of PVP experience.
---------- Add rewards for being a subscriber for a period of time, expample: half year, one year, two years, etc.
---------- And please finally fix the codex entries for all classes!
-------------- Link Republic Codex Entries:
-------------- Link Imperial Codex Entries:

Yours Sincerely,