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Also, you or anyone else cannot find a video or tell of a time that ANYONE beat a real Kun in 1v1 or Guildwar(as there are many impersonators)of DJO/Kungaming in Star Wars Galaxies(SWG) or swtor. ROFL just wont happen. Search youtube and all the video outlets you can find to include the Kungaming and XKUNX Entertainment videos and you will find NOTHING lol. Thanks for playing. Please keep your tears coming, its priceless

("And on the 8th day, God created the "Kuns", and the world stood at attention")
God doesn't exist, so Kuns don't either.

The only "kun" I know of is the Japanese suffix used by someone of senior status when addressing someone of junior status. Thus, making the entire "kun" group inferior to everyone else.
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