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03.12.2012 , 05:37 PM | #27
I think this is just the cascade of ME3 princeface/rage spilling over to everything else the company touched. I'm not a big non-MMO computer game fan, but observing my hubby play nonstop practically until the end, get to the total ...??? ending (after enjoying the game immensely until that point), and then being filled in on the trainwreck post rage that's going on over there in the forums. I think people are just freaking out at Bioware right now.

It does seem somewhat justified, that sure was a lame ending for a game that's centered around the storyline, and it just seems like a really dumb move on the part of whoever was calling the shots; but I don't think you can expect anyone who's sleep deprived and who's invested that much time into something to not be at least a little irrationally upset if there's a significant What-the-heck-was-that at the end.