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It doesn't affect me either way, but SF has been the growing go-to server for PVP types for a while now, Harbinger's history no longer applies, and BC had a very large RP community, so I imagine everyone will stake out their interests as to what server gets the non-PVP axe.
The migration from RPers from Begeren to Ebon Hawk was already a thing, and it seems like the Harbinger crowd chased away the remainder to Star Forge by now. Satele Shan is just the server now where people that chased away anyone not like them complain about how dead the server is.

At any rate, I would always be against a free transfer period as opposite of a merge, because being unable to take along my guild and being guaranteed to lose dozens of names on transferring means it's never a realistic option for me, and I would stay put, only to see everyone else abandon ship.

Merge or don't merge, but don't kill off one server without one. That's what your idea would come down to.