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Learn to counter smash, or be bad.

Pro tip: In your premade/group spread out so aoe don't affect all of you, hard focus switch to smasher, stun/root/knockback, dead smasher.

Rinse and repeat.

If there is more than more one smasher?

Taunt damage, hard focus switch, rinse and repeat.

This pro message and been brought to you by Caeliux The Truth Teller.

All proceeds go to noobs that need to learn to play dealing with good players.

Pro tip: It should not take extraordinary efforts in comparison to other classes to counter smash monkies. If you had to do that for everyone then we might not have an issue. Since you can but are not REQUIRED to do that for everyone but this one spec that points to a glaring problem.

I have learned to live with it because this has been going on for over a year and I see no end in site with Biofail's poor logic. I won't weep to see it go though just as no one weeped when far less powerful and problematic abilities on sorcerers kept getting nerfed. But again I'm not holding out on Biofail's ability to use common sense; if they had common sense they would undue all the sorcerer survivability nerfs. Not holding my breath though.
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