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The 9k crits aren't something ridiculous in this game coz even my commando crits 9.2k from time to time. The problem is that it's instant AOE strike which makes the tactics and strategy on the field senseless. I tried my commando and scoundrel as healers and was a bit confused when 4 smashers lowered the team's health to 5-10% in a second with the only strike. Not needed to tell you how it happens. They just leap in the crowd near a node and yeh - smash it. If there are 1-2 smashers it's more or less healable and avoidable and controlable. But 3-5 monkeys leaping everything that moves is just stupid. The class is really famous now cos you don't need to think much. Just leap n smash - 900k in the list after, end of story.

So that smash is an AOE attack it MUST be weaker than single target attack, isn't it? If everyone realizes it then why the hell it's still criting more than any other class single target skill?! Don't tell me it's all about subscribers. Are BW just so stupid that do not understand it? What's the reason?
Problem not solved. Then it would be the gimped little buddy of the vengeance skill tree, falling far behind ANY other class in DPS.