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So we just butcher them all, because at some point in the distant future them may or may not rebel? That seems a very narrow minded approach.
Well, let's look at this quote...

"No game of dejarik can be won without pawns... and this may prove to be a very long game." ~ Kreia

...guess who the pawns are in this game of good vs evil. And what happens when a pawn reaches the other side of the board?

Now yes, I'm just over-simplifying it, but this is a work of fiction with little in the way of real world similarities.

In the Star Wars universe, one can go on a few mass murdering sprees, then be redeemed by getting rid of one person (Anakin shows us as much).

All that said, I wouldn't say "may or may not" but rather "will and no doubt" Why? Because it's their culture, and there are going to be those who don't want to adapt to a new culture.
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